World Poetry Month: Day Fourteen

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World Poetry Month: Day Fourteen

World Poetry Month: Day Fourteen
World Poetry Month: Day Fourteen

Today’s poetry is ‘Alone in Crowds to Wander On’ a poem by Thomas Moore. Synopsis: In this poem, Moore explores the idea of feeling alone in a crowd.

He uses strong imagery to express feelings of isolation and desolation as he wanders aimlessly through an unforgiving yet bustling city.

The poet experiences a sense of aloneness, which everyone faces at some point in life. Many in the crowd are lonely, and the one standing right next to them doesn’t even know it.

The poem progresses as the narrator takes in his surroundings and reflects on his place in this world.

He acknowledges that he is surrounded by people, yet he feels lost and disconnected from them. He watches the busy streets pass by, but his eyes remain blind to the beauty of it all.

The poem reaches a crescendo when Moore realizes that despite being alone in a crowd of strangers, he can still find solace in his thoughts and his writing. 

In this moment, he is reminded that he can take control of his own life and make something of himself despite the uncertainty of the world around him.

In conclusion, Moore’s poem serves as a reminder to all of us that we are never truly alone and have the power to make our lives meaningful in spite of any feelings of disconnection.

It is both a celebration of life and an astute exploration of the depths of human emotion, leaving readers with a sense of hope in even the darkest moments.

This message is echoed throughout Moore’s work, as he encourages his readers to take control and make something of themselves when faced with adversity. 

His words are inspiring, and an invaluable reminder that we can face anything with courage and faith. With his work, Moore serves as a beacon of hope in times of darkness.

Ultimately, Moore’s poem acts as a testament to the power of literature. It speaks to us on a deeper level than what is visible on the surface, resonate with our own struggles and stories, and provide us with a source of strength and comfort. 

As Moore says himself, “If we are to make something of our lives, then poetry is the way forward.”

His words remain true today as they are ever-relevant throughout history. We can use literature to lift ourselves up, to broaden our perspectives and make sense of our place in the world. 

With literature, we are not alone – it can be a source of insight, comfort and courage during difficult times.

‘Alone in Crowds to Wander On’ by Thomas Moore ▶️

Alone in crowds to wander on,
And feel that all the charm is gone
Which voices dear and eyes beloved
Shed round us once, where’er we roved —
This, this the doom must be
Of all who’ve loved, and loved to see
The few bright things they thought would stay
For ever near them, die away.

Though fairer forms around us throng,
Their smiles to others all belong,
And want that charm which dwells alone
Round those the fond heart calls its own,
Where, where the sunny brow?
The long-known voice — where are they now?
Thus ask I still, nor ask in vain,
The silence answers all too plain.

Oh, what is Fancy’s magic worth,
If all her art cannot call forth
One bliss like those we felt of old
From lips now mute, and eyes now cold?
No, no — her spell in vain —
As soon could she bring back again
Those eyes themselves from out the grave,
As wake again one bliss they gave.


The one who stares at the sky

यूँ जो तकता है आसमान को तू

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  1. #RNTalks

    यूँ जो तकता है आसमान को तू

    यूँ जो ताकता है आसमान को तू
    क्या सोच रहा है तू इन्सान
    आसमान सृष्टि का बेहतरीन सृजन
    नहीं बना था एक दिन में

    वर्षों का तप , देवताओं का विज्ञान
    विश्वकर्मा की अभियांत्रिकी
    कई रसायनिक प्रतिक्रियाएं , बदलाव
    तब जाकर बना विशाल गगन

    रे मानव ! आज तुझे खुद का आसमान ढूंढना है
    मत पड़ किसी लालच , मोह – माया में
    कर्म कर , खुद पर भरोसा कर
    आत्मविश्वास से जीवन – पथ पर अग्रसर कर

    मत देख पीछे मुड़कर
    यादें तुझे डराएंगी
    सब भूलकर नए जीवन – पथ पर चल
    नए सृजन को कर्म – पथ पर आगे कर ।।

  2. यूँ जो तकता है आसमान तू

    आसमान का विस्तार, ना ओर है ना छोर है,
    क्या तुझे वो कर देगा निहाल ?
    कितना कुछ है उसके पास, पर मत कर उससे कोई भी आस l
    सच्चा कर्म कर, परिश्रम की कुंजी से खोल दे जीवन के बंद
    किवाड़ l
    आकाश सुख देगा नहीं , घरती पसीजी है कहीं?
    आपने दुखों का अंत तो स्वयं ही करना होगा l
    जैसी परिस्थितियां भी मिलें,कांटे मिले या मिलें फूल l
    सम भाव से न सहने की,
    कभी ना करना तुम भूल l
    मत उम्मीद करो कि कोई तुम पर तरस करेगा l
    चाहे उसके पास हो अथाह सम्पदा l
    अपने पर भरोसा रख, हिम्मत करके आगे बढ़ l
    जो चाहेगा पा जाएगा ,
    यूँ जो तकता आसमान तू
    खाली हाथ ही रह जाएगा l

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