Katha Sagar: National Online Storytelling Contest
Katha Sagar: National Online Storytelling Contest
Katha Sagar: National Online Storytelling Contest

Katha Sagar: National Online Storytelling Contest

After the runaway success of the National Online Public Speaking Contest, we bring to you yet another online contest, Katha Sagar: National Online Storytelling Contest“. 

Storytelling is the means of using fact and narrative to deliver something to your audience that promotes listening, conversations, and story sharing. 

Primarily, a good storyteller would be able to communicate a story in such a way that it expresses how and why life changes.

What Storytelling Isn’t…

  • Any thousand-word article
  • Your sales goal
  • An advertisement
  • About your company or its brand
  • Boring
  • Something cool that happened
  • A sales pitch

What Storytelling Is…

  • Useful information in a narrative
  • What motivates your team students listeners
  • What your story or brand stands out for
  • What message you want to convey
  • Emotional and engaging
  • A beginning. A crisis. A resolution.
  • An interaction between you and your listeners

An Ancient Art Form Of Communication

Storing telling is an ancient art form of communication and is as old as time could get. It has a place in every culture and society. 

Stories are the universal language that everybody can understand even a child can understand the story and learn something from it. 

Stories stimulate imagination and passion and also help create a sense of community amongst the listeners and the storyteller alike.

Narrating a story is like painting a picture with words. Have you ever imagined why you always loved the dadi and Nani ki kahaniyan/folk tales/panchatantra? 

Well it was because they could fine tune their story telling skills and paint such a vivid story that you could almost imagine it happening in front of your eyes.

Storytelling is a learnable skill.There are a number of reasons to tell stories but some very common reasons are to sell your product, to entertain people, to educate, or just to brag.

Thus we can see that stories solidify abstract concepts and simplify complex messages that is the sole reason why children are told stories that have deep moral lessons to them.

Have you seen that when a preacher gives a sermon it sounds boring and repetitive but the same message if it is conveyed in form of a story sounds very informative and very motivating thus inspiring a person to implement it in his life.

Stories Help Bring People Together

Everyone likes an emotional connect hence the stories of a hero, an underdog, heart break, or war are all  easily loved by all commonality and community and helps them to bond.

Stories make us more human 

Despite our language, religion, ethnicity, and political preferences we respond more to stories. That is because stories make us more human and approachable.

Stories Inspire And Motivate

For long stories have helped tapping into people’s emotions and bearing the good and the bad. This is how the stories inspire and motivate eventually driving people to action. 

Example a child who is prone to backbiting , stealing, or lying for that matter will be motivated by the stories of Gandhiji on Lord Buddha to take the Nobel path and stop all these malaises thus changing into a better person.

At RNTalks we are deeply committed to personality development in the children as well as the adults hence we bring you the national online story telling competitions Katha Sagar. 

Katha Sagar is an annual event that is held in the months of July and August every year.

Main aim of holding this contest, Katha Sagar, is to enable the  participants to help communicate better, learn new skills and gain more confidence in communication with their peers or competitors.

Follow The Instructions For Katha Sagar

  • Submit your story as a 5-7 min video.
  • TIME CONCESSION only for kids in CATEGORY-I. min 3 minutes…maximum 7
  • READ “Criteria For Evaluating Storytelling
  • Mail the photos and videos to… talksrn7@gmail.com
  • Tips to win will be shared with you once you register.
  • The Subject Of Your Mail should be “National Online Storytelling Contest”
  • Big files can be sent online through “WeTransfer” or google drive
  • Make sure you make the file shareable. 

🎁Your Takeaways From Katha Sagar🎁

  • PRIZES worth ₹1,000/- (includes Hotstar + Disney) FOR THE WINNERS OF EACH CATEGORY
  • 2nd Prize (Hotstar + Disney subscription fee in-kind)
  • 3rd Prize sponsored by National Institute of Education
  • CONSOLATION PRIZES (50% discount on registration fee in the next event)
  • Based on performance many other surprises AWARDS and GIFTS are there too.
  • Interview with RNTalks. (The WINNERS will be interviewed
  • Winners will get an opportunity to speak on a public platform
  • Winners will get featured on our social platforms, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and IGTV
  • Certificate of Participation By 7 Wonders School.
  • Certificate of Participation for all, promotion, and much more.

📣 Unique Features Of The Contest 📣

A SWAPPING CORNER (Read Criteria for storytelling here https://rntalksllp.com/terms-of-service/) has been created just for you.

“LIVE” interaction with the jury members before the contest.

💰 Cashback Offer💰

  • The registration fee will be reimbursed for anyone who succeeds in getting 10 confirmed contestants.
  • Please, give a list of your referrals to be identified.
  • If you have been referred then give the name of the person who has referred you in the slot given below.
  • Fill the below registration form to be a part of a fabulous event. Please go through the rules and conditions carefully before submitting your registration. We have a lot in the box for you.

Categories of Participation For Katha Sagar

There will be ONLY ONE CATEGORY for ADULTS (20-65+)

There will be four categories for KIDS

  • KDCAT-1 (3-6 year) time concession is there only for this category. See INSTRUCTIONS Above.
  • KDCAT-2 (7-10)
  • KDCAT-3 (11-15)
  • KDCAT-4 (16-19)

Winner will be declared in each category separately.

Do You Want To Earn Extra Points?

Click on the link and earn extra points 

💰 Registration Fee  & Payment Details 💰

  • All participants need to pay a Registration fee of amount INR ₹300/- by Payment links given below.
  • Add the name of the participant and city in the remark/message box appearing on the payment screen.
  • Take the screenshot of the payment confirmation screen and send us on WhatsApp (+91 7678305152) along with the participant’s name and city.

📞 Contact Us 📞

📱WHATSAPP:- 7678305152

📱 SIGNAL: 9560928039

📱TELEGRAM: 9648223174

Registration Closes On

No Entries will be accepted after the cut-off date unless it is a network issue.

If in case the date is extended then the notification posters would be put up on the official page.


For details please visit 

Report: Katha Sagar 2020 National Online Storytelling Contest

Report National Online Storytelling Contest
Katha Sagar 2020 National Online Storytelling Contest

Katha Sagar 2020 National Online Storytelling Contest got an overwhelming response. It lasted for 5 days and the results were declared on 28th JUNE 2020.  Participants participated from all over India. Participants got posters and social media promotion as a free package!

There was 1 category for Adults (20-65+ years) and 4 categories for the Kids (starting from 3 years to 19 years).

Other than 10 adults 75 participants were kids from over 30 reputed schools from India including Goodearth Foundation, APS Bolarum, Chinar Public School, Welham Girls’ School, S.V.D.D English Medium School, Modern Delhi Public School, and many others. 

Katha Sagar 2021 National Online Storytelling Contest

Expected to be announced in July 2021. Follow our Facebook Page, YouTube, and Instagram account for updates