The future of the world sat in my classroom yesterday,
The future of the world I mould today.
I gave the nation its presidents, doctors, engineers, writers,
and also the so-called ordinary people
who holds the power of electing a government 
of the future decades.
Oft ignored at times but can never be forgotten. 
A habit I have is to be Hawk-eyed daily,
lest I miss a fragile opportunity
to improvise on tomorrow.
Who am I?
I am but only a teacher and
I thank God I have a calling
to the noblest profession of all! 

Ranjeeta Nath Ghai, Founder RNTalks

Basic job responsibilities are a concentrated effort on the consequences that came out of your daily work.

Achievements have an enduring impact on your life, your business, or your clients.

It is a sequence that brings you personal fulfillment for a distinct role you played on the stage of life.

Typically, achievements are everything that you planned, built, created, marketed, or launched. It is not the same as the responsibilities that you carry out.

On the contrary, an achievement is unique to your experience and what you can deliver.

And when the awards follow the achievements the pleasure and satisfaction intensifies manifold.

Prestigious feathers in her cap

Prestigious Feathers In Ranjeeta Nath Ghai’s cap include…

  • ‘Ideal Teacher Award’- APS Nasirabad,
  • ‘Pride of Women Award’- Aagaman,
  • 3rd position in National Level Poetry Competition ‘Jashan-E-Kshitij’,
  • Delegate Speaker and Awardee ‘Purrfect Pawsome Philanthropist Poet & Author’ (Weaving Dreams Excellence Awards-2019) at ICDL, May 2019,
  • Harmony 2019 ‘Blogger of the Year’ award by RevUp Group,
  • ‘Inspiring Blogger of the Year’ award by MSTalks,
  • ‘Award of Honour’ by Kshitij…where dreams meet reality,
  • Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Award, by MENTORx.
Awards & Achievements
‘Pride of Women Award’- Aagaman,
Awards & Achievements
‘Award of Honour’
Awards & Achievements
Awards & Achievements
‘Inspiring Blogger of the Year’
Best Educationist and Mentor Award by The Crazy Tales in Women's Conclave & Awards 2020
Best Educationist and Mentor Award by The Crazy Tales in Women’s Conclave & Awards 2020
Awards & Achievements
World Book Of Records
Awards & Achievements
Harmony 2019 ‘Blogger of the Year’
Awards & Achievements
Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Award
Awards & Achievements
‘Purrfect Pawsome Philanthropist Poet & Author’

Being youth-oriented, RNTalks has been at the front line of creating positive transformation in the youth’s personality and as a brand that aims at creating change itself.

Our periodic and annual contests have been loved by one and all.

RNTalks has given a platform to individuals starting from kids to youth, to readers, storytellers, and adults.

The main KRA of RNTalks is to influence the masses to rediscover themselves and develop sustainable habits with our quirky contests crafted to make a statement.

The new addition to RNTalks other than motivation and personality development is web designing and grooming individuals to become self sufficient via online proficiency.

RNTalks is an educational platform where personality development, motivation, and creative writing with new technologies is encouraged.

We keep organizing events where we inspire people to start an online business including blogging, freelancing, content writing, YouTube, and Facebook during the lockdown period. 

As people have been approaching us for website design and development. We gave them options like YouTube and social media marketing. 

Since we were asked for web design and hosting recommendations, we consulted with our support team and other fellow bloggers regarding the same for best and affordable hosting providers and other services like themes and plugins depending on the need of the clients.

We have been featured some of the prestigious projects and by leading dailies.

The Indian Observer
We Are Featured In
We Are Featured In
Awards & Achievements

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