Hitting A Sixer In The Second Inning

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Hitting A Sixer In The Second Inning

It’s a pleasure to introduce you to an inspirational, vibrant, and dynamic personality, Mrs. Anita Gupta, a housewife turned writer at the age of around 70 years.

Way back before 1971(prior to her marriage) she was a highly educated ambitious girl with M.A, B.Ed.

After marriage with Mr. Sarvesh Kumar Gupta, she became the mother of two lovely daughters.

She was a self-effacing housewife. Her primary responsibility was to keep her family happy. Having any personal goal was out of the question.

After finishing her responsibilities towards children and after retirement of her husband,she was feeling a vaccume in her life and had some health issues.

2019 was a turning point in her life. Her husband gave an idea to write. Her mother Mrs. Kamla Gupta and sister Dr. Archana Gupta used to write as a hobby.

So writing was in the family and with her husband’s continuous support and her daughters’ family’s encouragement, she turned her diary into a book.

While worshipping she saw Mayurpankh in Lord Krishna’s crown and it was the creation of her book ‘Mayurpankh’.

Listen to the journey of Mrs. Anita Gupta from being just a simple aging housewife to being a successful published writer.

She is a perfect example of how we should not let age affect our will to explore new horizons.

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