Story Of RNTalks

The story of RNTalks began in May 2019. A big vision which took baby steps and decided to start small. The sole aim at the time of inception was to provide ethical, transparent, emotional and professional support for school and college students.

Our journey grew and went on to become exciting and challenging in terms of services, team and clients. Motivators and story tellers who could resonate with our vision and philosophy joined us in our Noble venture.

Being mentors ourselves for the past 25 years we could offer the best of services to the educational institutions as we understood the life path, stress, and anxiety faced by the kids and the youth, right from class room scenario to career and performance growth until they become professionals. 

Our motivational and inspirational plans were easier to infer and relate and we were inevitably recognized as RNTalks, Rhetoric To Nirvana- Dedicated To Inspiring Lives.

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The Founder Speaks

“Don’t Procrastinate, Just Do It.” Well, that’s been my success mantra. I have often experienced that if I ask my relatives and friends about a certain thing I want to do then they tell me 100 ways I shouldn’t do it or can’t do it.

So I have learned not to be dependent on their so-called advice. If I’m comfortable with something and I’m confident that I really want it then I go for it.

There are only two outcomes I have to worry about. First, it’ll be successful. If it is then it’s party time.

If it isn’t then I don’t count it as a failure because it has given me a valuable experience. That experience then becomes my stepping stone to success.

It’s OK to think in detail about the outcomes and fallouts of a decision that you plan to take. Be cautious but not overcautious as it’s detrimental to success. 

Our goal is moving from Rhetoric To Nirvana-Inspiring Lives. Our every decision is driven by motivation. That’s why I say, “don’t Procrastinate just do it.”

What People Say About Us

Awards & Achievements

In a competitive and fast-paced world, where it’s natural to assume we’re never doing enough, it’s gratifying when someone recognizes your efforts and honors the people and things that matter to us.

It is indeed a pleasure to share the proud moments of honour with you when founder RNTalks is officially recognized and respected, and awarded for her accomplishments. 

RNTalks had started with Motivating people and then moved on to the personality development of the youth.

The latest feature is website development and designing thus empowering individuals to earn online during the lockdown period.

While people talk of empowering women, we at RNTalks believe in the concept of empowering oneself and works diligently in assisting individuals to empower themselves. 

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On Trend

Popular Stories

RNTalks Presents

Mann Ki Aarzoo, written and packed with romance and rejection will touch a chord in your heart. The poet has penned down a plethora of feelings and experiences for you to read and enjoy.

A collection of English and Hindi Poetry along with quotable quotes which you can share with anyone you like.

New Attraction

Website Designing, Coaching, Consultation, and 1 Year Live Support

Meet The Young Entrepreneurs

Besides Personality Development & Motivation, Rntalks Has Now Ventured Into Training Bloggers With New Technologies.
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Our Collab Partners

We at RNTalks are a collaborative team and have acquired partnerships with a range of external institutions. Our partners are hugely valuable to us, and we leverage these associations to collaborate on various projects.

Our partners render us with access to new concepts and capabilities that help us achieve our collective objectives. We operate with our partners throughout both commercial and education projects.

Our partners assist our members and us in fulfilling our strategic objectives to reconstruct the technical education system. We collaborate with organizations in higher education, media analysts, literary organizations, and more.

By leveraging their combined insights and capabilities, we can append our clients’ significance and draw upon a deeper pool of expertise.

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