World Poetry Month: Day Ten

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World Poetry Month: Day Ten

World Poetry Month: Day Ten
World Poetry Month: Day Ten

As Ruskin Bond approached his seventieth birthday, he penned a hilarious poem titled “Sleepless Night”, full of wit and charm. 

Anticipating his milestone 70th birthday, he was too excited to even close his eyes. What could be causing such restlessness? 

The desire to compose something weighed heavily on him, so he stood up and crafted a humorous poem before retiring for the night.

Ruskin’s poem has a satirical undertone that humorously highlights what he can’t do and, in stark contrast, the many things he is able to accomplish easily. 

Although he was clumsy with worldly or technical matters, the poem below paints a picture of his optimistic attitude towards creativity. 

Ruskin Bond’s poetry is as straightforward and harmonious as his renowned books and short stories, radiating both simplicity and merriment.

“Sleepless Night” By Ruskin Bond ▶️

I’m unfamiliar with statistics,
I wouldn’t know what to do
With a book on Mathematics
Or a girl of ninety-two.

I really can’t tell the difference
Between a man from Kalamazoo
And the kind of endangered species
That you only find in a zoo.

I’m hopeless at Nuclear Physics-
Don’t ask me to make you a bomb-
But if you would like me to bake you a cake,
I’ll do it with great aplomb.

I’m not very good at book-keeping,
My accounting, they say, is too lax.
I can’t trace my Income, or, credit my debit,
So how can I pay Income Tax?

I’m really not bad at prognosis,
Consult me- I won’t take a fee
I’ll soon let you know if your calcium is low
Or if it’s just Housemaid’s Knee.

I’m not very good with a Nurse
And I feel more at ease writing verse-
I am inclined to convulse when she feels for my pulse,
And if I feel hers, she gets terse!

I’m hopeless at counting those sheep-
I’d rather be off with Bo-peep!
If she’d leave them alone
And take me straight home
I wouldn’t mind losing more sleep.

Best Poetry Of The Day

I have been reading a lot of poetry lately and found some amazing pieces. Each and every poem posted here is unique in itself and conveys so many different messages. 

I am truly amazed at the creativity and passion that each author has put into their work. From classic literature to modern-day spoken word, there is something here for everyone. 

So, take some time and enjoy a little bit of poetic bliss!

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  1. #rntalks


    That was a windy sleepless night
    When , I in my cosy bed
    Was sleeping in my soft – soft blanket
    Had just blinked my eyes
    When I heard a big thumping sound
    And then a grumbling sound
    With a shrill cry of my fury
    I jumped out of my bed
    Some miscreant was perhaps outside
    It was though windy but I came outside
    Was shocked to see a black figure
    Grumbling on the ground
    My fury was on him soaked in his own blood
    It was a moonlight with a clearness around
    I immediately rang to police
    The miscreant was taken in custody
    And my fury…. so poor was his condition
    Immediately went to vet. ….get him examined
    That night … how can I forget
    When my fury saved me and my house

  2. ताहि बोव तू फूल

    इस दुनिया में आकर ,
    कभी न करना तुम कोई भूल l
    फूल मिलेंगे तुम्हें कहीं पर,
    कहीं चुभेंगे तुम्हें बहु शूल लिए l
    जो भी मित्र तुम्हारा होगा,
    कभी नहीं तुम्हें धोखा देगा l
    जो शत्रु बन आ धमका तो
    गुमराह तुम्हें करके रहता तो,
    राह में काँटों का जाल बिछाए,
    और खुद आगे बढ़ता जाए,
    पर उसके लिए कभी भी
    बुरा नहीं है तुमको करना l
    जैसे किए हैं कर्म उसने,
    वो तो पड़ेगा उसे ही भरना l
    तुम तो उस हित बोना फूल
    उसे मिलेंगे बहु त्रिशूल l

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