GenOrators: International Online Public Speaking Contest

GenOrators: 2023
International Online Public Speaking Contest

GenOrators 2023: SEASON-4
Speak To Impress

GenOrators: International Online Public Speaking Contest
GenOrators: International Online Public Speaking Contest
  1. The best speakers will also be featured on our social platforms. Mail the photos and videos to…
  2. You can send the video by mail or WhatsApp.
  3. The SUBJECT OF YOUR MAIL should be “GenOrators 2023: Public Speaking Contest Season-4”. Big files can be sent through “”
  4. TOPIC: Fun Facts About Animals
  5. AGE CATAGORY: 6 -13 years only.
  6. TROPHY for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Positions. Shipping FREE.
  7. There will be added trophies for…
    People’s Choice Award, which will be based on the votes you receive on the voting page. Shipping FREE.
    Facebook Insight Award Trophy will be given to the participant whose video garners the maximum view, comments, and engagement on Facebook. Shipping FREE.
    The YouTube Insight Award Trophy will be given to the participant whose video garners the maximum views, comments, and engagement on YouTube. Shipping FREE.
  8. Proceeds from the registration will be donated to charity for Animal NGOs like POSH Foundation-India, Friendicoes SECA, and Wildlife SOS-India, which are facing a lot of financial crunches in animal rescue operations.
  9. Last date to register 30 June 2024.
  10. The videos will go live on 4th July.
  11. Results will be declared on 15th July 2023

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  1. All participants need to pay a Registration fee of the amount of INR ₹200/- by using the Payment links given in the Google Form.
  2. Add the name of the participant and city in the remark/message box appearing on the payment screen.
  3. Take a screenshot of the payment confirmation screen and send it to us on WhatsApp (+91 7678305152), along with the participant’s name and city.

Are you interested in Public Speaking? Do you want to become a public speaker?

If yes, then GenOrators: National Online Public Speaking Contest is the right place for you to be.

We at RNTalks believe that communication is the backbone of our society. It enables us to influence decisions, forge connections, and drive change.

Sans communication skills, the capability to progress in the practical world and life itself would be almost impossible. Ironically, public speaking is one of the most potent yet the most dreaded forms of communication.

Glossophobia or speech anxiety is the most basic fear people possess across the globe. The main objective of holding GenOrators: 2023 – International Online Public Speaking Contest is to help individuals overcome this fear by providing a platform to perform.

During primary school, it is simple to be the student who remains in the back of the classroom, ducks behind students in front of him or her, and avoids raising his or her hand to evade such situations.

But in the practical world, public speaking is an essential skill to have and hone. It influences simple, everyday communications between coworkers, marketing professionals, clients, bosses, employees, etc.

Participating in GenOrators can have a tremendous impact on your career path and your level of achievement in your industry.

Inspiration sometimes runs dry, and for orators feeling uninspired can drive to poor performance.

How do you perform when you require a bit of extra lift? Sometimes the well-thought-out words may also fail the very best orators which can be disastrous.

From drafting speeches to calming your nerves right before you step into the spotlight, we’ve compiled all the needful steps that you should take to deliver your speech effectively on a public speaking platform.

“A good orator is pointed and impassioned.”

Marcus T. Cicero

Why Is Public Speaking Important?

There are several purposes why public speaking is important, but the three that I consider being the most important are:

1. To Win Over the Masses

GenOrators: National Online Public Speaking Contest
GenOrators: National Online Public Speaking Contest

The skill of persuasion or the potential to win over the crowd is an essential skill to have in business, especially in the public relations arena.

Within and outside the workplace, the power of persuasion can carry you far, and it all commences by sharpening those public speaking skills.

Learning public speaking results in an increase in confidence and, with that, follows a cool and consolidated presence in front of an audience.

Of course, it is important to be conscious about the subject you are presenting.

Still, beyond that, when delivering a persuasive speech of any kind, including a sales pitch to a customer, you require to be prepared to answer the opposition and to converse with poise.

To make an influential case, the ability to converse publically is not only important but imperative to make forward strides.

For example, to prove why a particular product or idea would be an intriguing topic to an editor of a publication, one must apply a strong and convincing communication style to elicit intrigue and curiosity.

A great pitch will urge the consumer or editor to aspire to know more. When addressing an audience with an opinion or argument for or against something, public speaking enables you to put forward your case in a compelling and convincing manner.

2. To Motivate People

GenOrators: National Online Public Speaking Contest
GenOrators: National Online Public Speaking Contest

A prominent public speaker accomplishes the power to stimulate his or her audience to stop doing something, do something, change a behavior, or reach objectives.

But to move an idea ahead, you must be able to stimulate and revitalize your coworkers, peers, employees, customers, and sometimes family, too.

Public speakers are leaders who can motivate their audience to work harder to accomplish their goals. As a public speaker, your purpose is to influence and convince your listeners and generate an environment where everyone marches out ready to roll.

You are not solely giving a speech to get your audience to exercise a certain action; Public speakers are a component of the action and can communicate their passion and ambition.

It is not enough to comprehend the issues at hand and obtain your audience to share your passion. Elections have been won solely because one candidate was a more conforming public speaker than the other.

Being informed is an important factor, of course, but more importantly, being capable of arousing passion in people through skillful public speaking will drive your audience to make a movement.

When personalities speak about having a voice in the world, they suggest impacting the world by voicing your thoughts and knowledge in an exciting way.

The power of public speaking enables you to associate with the audience and earn their trust. As a proficient public speaker, you become likable and trustworthy, and you will be capable of inspiring and even entertaining the masses.

3. Ability To Inform

GenOrators: National Online Public Speaking Contest
GenOrators: National Online Public Speaking Contest

The mere ability to inform is one of the most significant aspects of public speaking.

From doing research papers and PowerPoint presentations in school to presenting ideas and pitches to your boss or client, informative public speaking is vital for a successful career across all work fields.

Once you have gained their attention, a good enlightening speech sharing your knowledge of a subject with an audience heightens their understanding. It makes them retain your words long after you’ve finished.

For example, you might be required to educate a group of coworkers on utilizing new computer software or addressing your company’s happenings.

Whether it is giving presentations or sharing a field of expertise, this form of public speaking is an indispensable skill in today’s world.

“Oral communication skills were the number one skill that college graduates found useful in the business world.”

-According to a study by sociologist Andrew Zekeri

Communication skills intensify your ability to communicate with professionals and colleagues in a modified, composed, and confident manner.

Public speaking enhances these skills and delivers you a more worthy candidate to move up and succeed in your chosen field.

Report: GenOrators 2020 National Online Public Speaking Contest

National Online Public Speaking Contest
National Online Public Speaking Contest

RNTalks, Rhetoric to Nirvana-Inspiring Lives is a platform that encourages positivity in every from i.e. from Motivational speeches to public speaking and storytelling.

We encourage the common man to share their uncommon stories and experiences in life and encourage them to search for the silver lining in the clouds.

GenOrators 2020 National Online Public Speaking Contest was held on 11th MAY 2020. It lasted for 3 days, and the results were declared on May 15, 2020.

The winners were decided by the jury, Ms. Poonam Joshy (personality development Trainer), Ms. Rupinder Brar (teacher educator), Brig. Vinod Dutta (TV panelist & Limca Bol of Records Holder), and Ms. Ranjeeta Ashesh (Founder Kshitij & Mrs. Delhi NCR ‘Mrs. Most Talented’).

Report: GenOrators 2021 National Online Public Speaking Contest

GenOrators 2021 Online Public Speaking Contest Season-2
GenOrators: Season-2

RNTalks conducted GenOrators 2021 International Online Public Speaking Contest: Season-2 in July 2021. There were live cultural performances by Sukhmani Trehan- Kathak Performance of Ganesh Vandana and Band Performance by Kids of Music Factory Band.

Only 3 awards in each category were set initially that amounted to a total of 9 awards but since the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions were shared the awards RNTalks increased, and each meritorious child was honored.

The award count went up to 7 in each category (including consolations), which amounted to a total of 21 awards.

Major Mohammed Ali Shah (veteran) was the Chief Guest, and the eminent Jury members were Dr. Shafali Gupta, Mrs. Ranjeeta Sahay Ashesh, and Shashish Kumar Tiwari.

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