World Poetry Month: Day Nine

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World Poetry Month: Day Nine

World Poetry Month: Day Nine
World Poetry Month: Day Nine

Langston Hughes, a treasured poet, novelist, fiction writer and playwright, was an influential part of the Harlem Renaissance. 

His works expertly depicted black life in America from 1920’s to 1960’s with vivid characteristics that continue to be admired today.

Today we bring to you the captivating poem ‘Dreams’ by Langston Hughes. This timeless piece speaks about hopes, ambitions, and dreams that drive us forward, even in times of darkness. 

It reminds us to stay true to ourselves and never give up on our goals. Let this uplifting poem fill us with energy and inspire us to reach for the stars.

Dreams” by Langston Hughes ▶️

Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.

Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field
Frozen with snow.

Let us take inspiration from these words of wisdom to heart and strive for excellence even when the going gets tough. 

Hoping that this poem fills us all with courage and resilience, helping us navigate through life’s challenges. Happy World Poetry Month!

Happy writing! 🙂

Best Poetry Of The Day:

“Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers.”

— Alfred Lord Tennyson

This timeless quote speaks of the importance of knowledge in life and how it is essential to have the wisdom to be able to use it.

As we journey through this World Poetry Month, may we strive for both knowledge and wisdom, so that we can reach our true potential. Cheers to a month of beautiful poetry!

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  1. #rntalks


    Dreams are not only that
    Which we see while sleeping
    But dreams are those
    Which we see from our open eyes
    It never allows us to sleep
    But inspires to move without any fullstop
    It inspires us to do unbelievables
    Helps Napolean to reach Alps
    Helps mountaineers to achieve their goals
    Helps students to achieve their target
    Dreams are like the wings
    Which helps in soaring high
    But if it breaks in between
    Dream shatters like the pearls from the string
    Dreams should be loved and polished
    Then only the world can become
    Most beautiful , heaven like
    Free from strain , stress and all the lies.

  2. रास्ते की पहचान

    हम राहगीर बन जग में आए,
    हमें चलना है अब सुबह शाम l
    चलने से पहले अच्छा है गर,
    हम करलें पथ की पहचान l
    न जाने कहाँ गड्ढे मिलेंगे.
    न जाने कहाँ करना होगा विश्राम
    मग में कुछ साथी ऐसे मिलेंगे,
    जिनसे होगी नई पहचान l
    कुछ तो राह भ्रमित करेंगे l
    कांटे भरे रास्ते चलने को कहेंगे l
    कुछ ऐसे भी होंगे साथी,
    प्रेम विश्वास की जगाकर ज्योति
    अपनेपन से बाँह पकड़ कर,
    उस राह ले चलेंगे, जहां रौशनी जगमगाती l
    आपने और पराए की पहचान तभी हो जाएगी l
    और हमें हमारी मंजिल तब अवश्य मिल जाएगी l
    हमें साथ उनके चलना होगा,
    जो देते नहीं कभी धोखा l
    फलने और फूलने का सदा,
    देते रहते हैं वो मौका l

    When you reverse your memory gares to our times…
    Remember me
    When you cry and have tears in your eyes…
    Remember me
    When you go to the old places we used to enjoy…
    Remember me
    When you see that pink sunset sky…
    Remember me
    When you smell those October flowers in the air…
    Remember me
    When you are ready to surrender and know life is fair…
    Remember me
    Bcos life is never about missing..
    But to Remember.
    #RN poetry challenge
    #RN Tnapowrimo

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