Quotes About Self Love | Motivating Quotes On Life

Life appreciates me when
I do something for the needy
Life appreciates me when
I try to maintain cleanliness everywhere
Life appreciates me when
Tries to maintain the greenery by afforesting more trees
Life appreciates me when
I do anything positive in my life.
-Manju Lata

Work hard and never quit in life; the best view can be seen only after the most challenging climb.
Goldy GroverRespect comes from the heart; the moment one demands it from others, it departs.
Goldy Grover

Forgiveness is such a magical spell.
Which smells like
The fragrance of a beautiful bloom
Which spreads everywhere
Making the environment mesmerizing And enchanting
The smell of forgiveness
Brings the message of unity and brotherhood
Manju Lata

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