Quotes About Self Love | Motivating Quotes On Life

Learn to accept those proposals in which you are also taken care of.
– Goldy Grover

People who have good intentions make promises, but people with good character can only keep them.
– Vanshika Kochhar

Big promises may not be reliable; one simple gesture may fulfill someone’s desire.
– Goldy Grover

A genuine hug boosts the emotional strength of loved ones.
– Goldy Grover

Life is like a laboratory, so don’t be scared of experiments if you want to coin the best outcome.
– Goldy Grover

For me, every person is like a coin either we lie about ourselves or the others; we don’t show others what our true self is, so we all have two sides, the one we want to be and the one we are.
Kai Lovis

Love is a beautiful feeling. Don’t reserve it for one day; spread it all the time.
– Krishnakant Prajapati

Be consistent with your efforts to reach your destination; transient passion doesn’t bring any recognition.
– Goldy Grover

Success and correct thought process go hand in hand; rest is destiny and execution of our plans.
– Goldy Grover

What we achieve is the direct result of our KARMA. How we achieve is the process of our DHARMA.
– Ranjana Majumdar

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