Leaving an old house is

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Leaving an old house is

Lets make a resolution
In the beginning of a new year
Will be devoted for the sake of humanity
Patience and resilience will be our lifeline
Will love our culture, traditions
Will be a proud countrymen.
— Manju Lata

Even boring ideas can become interesting in the end-
When out of the box solutions to such ideas, you lend.
— Debarati Basu

Meeting an old friend feels like
Getting a gem after a struggle
Getting something precious which was already lost .
— Manju Lata

Meeting an old friend feels like a dream,
Old memories come flooding like a stream-
You feel that you have found a gem you had lost,
And wouldn’t want to lose it again at any cost!
— Debarati Basu

Even boring ideas can become interesting
When you have thought and acted upon those ideas
One wise step of yours can make those boring ideas vibrant.
— Manju Lata

Dedication, devotion to what you love to do, and you stand by it till the time you achieve it, is a step towards commitment.
— Keep it simple

A step towards commitment is
A step towards progress
Make the commitment , act upon it
Divinity will flow around you
Life will reward with the best
And you will become the star of life
— Manju Lata

Ĺet Humanity awake in all
No one sleeps empty stomach
All have clothes to wear
Roof to shelter, life to steer
Children have free education
A big smile to wear
No wall of religious fear
All children of one God
Peaceful in New Year
— Gurpreet Mathur

A novel is that mirror
Which highlights the reality of the society
And the human characteristics too.
— Manju Lata

One thing I did for myself is not taking my health for granted-
When I fell ill I understood that that good health should be the thing most wanted!
Name, fame, money, clothes they don’t matter in life at all-
Unless you are in the pink of health these paraphernalia can pull back your life to a crawl!
— Debarati Basu

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