25 Best Motivational Quotes to Kick-Start Your Day

25 Best Motivational Quotes to Kick-Start Your Day

25 Best Motivational Quotes to Kick-Start Your Day

Here you will enjoy the best motivational quotes about life that will help elevate your self-esteem & uplift your confidence, so you believe in yourself, stay positive, keep performing, and never give up.

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Whether you are a businessperson, professional, parent, pupil, sportsperson, fitness enthusiast, or want to enhance your life in some way, these profound quotes and words of encouragement will stimulate, inspire and motivate you to stay confident so you can become triumphant and accomplish great tasks in your life.

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On this page you will discover 25 best motivational quotes with images and pictures that will touch upon success, strength, courage, confidence, happiness, following your dreams, achievement, overcoming adversity, self-esteem, positive thinking, and more!

15 Motivational Quotes to Kick-Start Your Day

Subtle glow of the candlelight
Crafted delicately into the darkness
Defeating the hidden shadows of the night,
Beckons you to confront your past
Make peace with it and move forward.

As soon as you stop expecting
Things from people around you
You stop getting hurt.

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Don’t clamor your life
With bulky questions.
Have the audacity to
Keep your questions short
And answers precise.

Life throws us googlies and bouncers
And helps sort out
The best from the rest.

Are meaningless
Words to fill the empty spaces
Why not just keep the silence
Without justification
If it’s the truth?”

Escape the world’s prison
Enjoy your life; not conforming
To rules and limits
That binds your freedom.
O’ Woman, learn to love yourself
Truly and Madly

Conquer your fear
Or be crushed
Under the weight of your fate!

I’m glad, I’m ‘ME’
At times.

Pain is measured by a bruise
Happiness is measured by a smile
And Will by perseverance.

Keeps us going.
Keeps us afloat.

Hold on
To both.

Let your
Be a
Stepping stone
For Success

Be comfortable
Being what you are
Let the world
Intimidate you

A broken feather is NOT a sign of failure.
It means you dared to come out
Of your comfort zone.

Once we conquer our fears
We will be at peace with all

It might seem
sometimes that you are
surrounded by PROBLEMS
from all sides.

But in reality
all these problems are only a mirage.
Focus on the SOLUTION and
you’ll be the master of
your destiny.

It’s very easy to practice pessimism.
It starts with a frown.
But practicing optimism is simpler.
It starts with a smile.

Overthinking only creates
Virtual monsters
When in reality they
Do not exist.

Don’t think
Why me!

Always think
Why not me?

Negative people are like waves
They’ll always try to drown you.
Remember to keep your floaters
Of confidence on you
When you go out
To swim with them.

My haters are my strength.
The more they hate me
The stronger I grow.

Every dark cloud comes with a silver lining
Remember to strike at the core
To see the power unleash

Have bigger dreams and smaller fears,
Make your actions louder than your words,
Cultivate a faith which is stronger than your feelings.

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