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I am grateful to the ones who said I cannot and grateful to the ones who hold me close. Grateful to this wonderful life for the triumphs, failures, thorns and roses. Grateful to each sunset for the hopeful tomorrow it assures. I am grateful to these words that barge each time my heart is too full of expression.
–Hema Saju

Don’t react to being disgraced.
Let your transformation into your best version speak for you.
–Goldy Grover

Mutualistic learning always promotes
the best growth.
–Goldy Grover

Physical beauty wanes with time,
but a beautiful character is timeless.
–Goldy Grover

Almighty has given the soul beautiful attire.
Let your good deeds bring you the identity of an angel.
–Goldy Grover

You can not pamper someone until your own heart has felt the depth of love.
–Goldy Grover

Things always come out when you are very much dedicated, not when you are very much pampered, which makes you lazy
–Vanshika Kochhar

Being grateful is the most beautiful way to receive better in the future.
–Goldy Grover

Love yourself like a teddy bear which will result in satisfaction and make you more beautiful.
– Vanshika Kochhar

Never be like hiccups in someone’s life,
be like a sweet memory to enchant others for a long time.
– Goldy Grover

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