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Nights are meant for dreams to unfold from the treasury of our minds.
– Sharmistha Mukherjee

In every relationship, trust is the only that works like a solid bridge to build the relationship stronger
–Anita Pathak

An empty mind becomes restless and invites negativity, so keep it busy to attract positivity.
– Goldy Grover

The fold unfolds in the saga of life; wait for a while and trust yourself. The best will happen forever, so, prayers go up as you trust yourself.
– Sarmistha Mukherjee

Best learning outcomes are achieved through clear instructions and sincere efforts in a cheerful ambiance, they don’t need a serious atmosphere.
-Goldy Grover

Don’t take advantage of a person’s generosity and patience; even gentle waves become hostile in time of turbulence.
Goldy Grover

The morning sun looks like a new hope for the new beginning, and it indicates that there is undoubtedly a sunrise despite darkness.
– Anita Pathak

Life is full of colors
Some are bright
Some are dim
But choose the brightness
And brighten the dim
Then you will find
Life is more enchanting and too colorful.
– Manju Lata

My breath falls when
I find myself helpless
In a sarcastic and awkward situation
My breath falls when
Is the time to express
My feelings to others.
-Manju Lata

If you find something very precious to you or something close to your heart, you will find a way.
And if it is not, you will find an excuse.
-Sadiya khan

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