Best Essay on Importance Of Trees

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Best Essay on Importance Of Trees

By:- Kajal Dankal

Trees are very important because they make Earth fit for humans and other living organisms. They provide us with air to breathe, food to eat and shelter to live, playing a major role in keeping us alive and providing a comfortable life.

We should plant more and more trees to ensure a clean and green environment and to promote healthy living. 

Trees are our life companions as they absorb carbon dioxide, a gas harmful if inhaled, and in return release oxygen. 

If there were no trees, then life on earth would not have been possible. It is our duty to keep our surroundings clean, ultimately benefitting Mother Earth.

Best Essay on Importance Of Trees
Best Essay on Importance Of Trees

Trees continue to give us something throughout their life, yet we cut trees as per our personal needs. We cut trees to produce paper for writing. 

We cut trees to obtain wood to build houses. We often leave trees stripped of their delicious fruits without adequately caring for them. 

Today it is a matter of great irony that we are bent upon destroying the trees that give us life. If we have to save Earth, then more and more trees have to be planted. 

Trees are the precious gift of nature and we should put all our hearts into planting more trees and making Earth greener. 

Trees give us fruits and grains to eat throughout our lives. Trees are like the lungs of Earth by continuously working day and night to rid air from harmful gases.

They are the assets that keep our Mother Earth healthy. Trees play a significant role in our existence. 

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    Human beings and herbivores primarily depend on them as they are the source of foods such as fruits and vegetables.

    We get medicines, wood, gum, fiber, rubber and so many other things from trees. 

    They offer shadow and shelter not only to humans but also to animals. They help create a sustained natural habitat for various animal species to prosper. 

    Animals such as monkeys and lemurs depend on trees for their existence. Almost all species of birds create their nests in trees.

    However, trees help us more than we think. For instance, when it gets too hot, trees help in bringing rainfall. 

    They fight severe climate changes. Trees make Earth look beautiful and relaxing. They nourish various life forms in many ways fighting water pollution and preventing soil erosion. 

    They prevent pollutants from flowing into water sources. We can only defend global warming and environmental pollution by saving and planting more trees. 

    Taking action towards saving trees is not something we should merely do to save them but to protect our own lives too. Save trees, save lives!

    Best Essay on Importance Of Trees
    Best Essay on Importance Of Trees

    A tree is a man’s best friend. “When we use trees respectfully and economically, we have one of the greatest resources on Earth.” Life on earth would cease to exist in the absence of trees. 

    Trees are responsible for sustaining the environment in several ways. Trees act as sponges by taking in toxic emissions and other pollutants released into the atmosphere by industries and vehicles. The roots of trees bind the soil together, thereby preventing erosion.

    The blatant and increased rate of deforestation is the primary cause of landslides. In addition to being the bearers of delicious fruits, trees also help to create a natural habitat for several species of animals, birds, and insects. 

    Foolishly cutting them is equivalent to the destruction of an entire ecosystem. Trees are a necessity for life on our planet. 

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      They help clean water by filtering it through their roots. Above all, they give us beautiful and natural scenery for our viewing pleasure.

      Trees help decrease the temperature of our planet by blocking sunlight from reaching Earth’s surface. This helps avoid temperature extremes on Earth.

       If it were not for trees, the temperature on our planet would have increased exponentially to the point where life could have existed anymore. 

      This is why rainforests in particular are so important. They don’t just provide oxygen, they help cool the air and help prevent temperature extremes.

      So, the plantation of trees is very necessary to get a balanced environment for survival. Therefore, all of us should plant more and more trees as soon as possible.

      Trees are the best gift for the propagation of humanity. So we can’t ignore the importance of trees. Trees are essential for this planet to survive. That’s why we should all live by the mantra “Save trees, save a life”.

      As discussed, trees are a vital part of Earth. Most of our economy depends on them, such as Match, paper, rubber, etc. 

      Trees are also a source of rain for us as they attract clouds. All animals survive on it. It can be regarded as a gift that Mother Nature gave us.

       We can’t live without trees, so we should protect them.

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