Best Essay On Women Empowerment

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Best Essay On Women Empowerment

By:- Poojita

Women Empowerment– this seems to how been a straightforward concept, but as one dives deep into the meaning to understand the idea and the norms that have been associated with this.

Over many years, we discover how thick this subject happens to be. It has layers. A lot of layers.

To top it off, we must understand that women are already powerful. Only “she” is the originator, the conceiver, who has gotten the power of such grace and divinity to take a whole new life within her body.

No other gender is blessed with the virtue of such great power and resilience to withstand the subsequent death pain every single month.

And yet, ‘she’ is not powerful and worthy of respect in the minds of this so-called civilized and educated society that we live in.

So, foremost, in understanding this concept of Women Empowerment.

It should be understood that a woman is already so powerful and that to empower ‘her’ means the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling ‘her’ own life and claiming `her’ rights.

Best Essay On Women Empowerment
Best Essay On Women Empowerment

Therefore, to acknowledge and celebrate the strength that this gender has gotten and to feel responsible for ensuring that a woman is given the respect, opportunities, and rights that she deserves for only who she is is ‘Women Empowerment.’

Some of the readers might think or question that if a woman is already this powerful, why is it even a need to empower her.

My only answer is that we know the power of a woman. Still, we haven’t been able to acknowledge that power and to just look at her like another gender, like an equal, and we have forbidden her of her rights and opportunities in society.

‘She’ has become an easy target to look down upon, mock at, and snatch away the rights of her worth and those that a general human being acquires at birth.

Therefore, a woman needs to be empowered because she is not acknowledged enough. As simple and straightforward as that.

So, acknowledging a woman’s worth starts right from home. Right from when a girl is born. The parents must be given the right way to treat and raise their girl child.

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    She should be acknowledged as an equal to a boy child. She should not be raised just to get married to someone or as a burden because they feel the sum of dowry decides her respect and value after getting married.

    This is a widespread belief that Indians still have in their minds. She must not be told to adjust, sacrifice and compromise to seek societal acceptance and validation.

    Instead, she should be made clear that she is worthy enough to validate herself and that she doesn’t need anyone.

    Moreover, the way she is looked at in society, being very judgemental, must be taken a firm stand against by the parents, and she herself unapologetically.

    She must be made physically strong not to let anyone molest her. It must be made clear that a real man is not violent and a real woman is not tolerant.

    Because what happens is that men have been told for a very, very long time that a woman is a commodity and that it is okay to be violent, and as a result of this, women think she needs to be tolerant.

    No! She needs to be physically and mentally strong enough to voice against the violence and she should not be made tolerant by telling talk, dress, or be a certain way and that she needs to please the people, especially the men in her life all the time.

    The subconsciously seeds that feminine is the weaker gender in the world, which is untrue.

    Self-worth lessons are essential so that a woman can stand up for herself or against the judgments passed on by society for her way of being or against the discrimination that happens in the paycheck received by the women in the workplace.

    She needs to be emotionally and mentally strong enough to fight for her rights and get herself all that she deserves because there is no point in settling for any less than one deserves.

    All women must be financially independent so that she is not just someone’s daughter, sister, or wife but has their own identity; each woman must be responsible for her own finances regardless of who the men in their lives are.

    Best Essay On Women Empowerment
    Best Essay On Women Empowerment

    In addition to this, as girls, we are allowed to be pretty and beautiful but we cannot act smart, and do not have an opinion. So as women of today, we have to start the journey towards empowerment by appreciating our worth and each other’s worth.

    We need to seek out strong women to befriend, align ourselves with, learn from, collide with, be inspired by, collaborate with them, and support them.

    We need to stand together as ‘one’ because if we do not, nobody else will bother to see our worth and value us enough.

    So, empowering powerful women is each and every person’s responsibility regardless of being a male or a female because men need to know how powerful a woman is and that she is not any less than him.

    Women need to know their worth and both need to acknowledge the same to bring about a practical change.

    As rightly quoted by Chacha Nehru, “No real change in history can be achieved by discussions.”

    So, to take practical steps to attain a much safer, protected, and happy world for today and the generations to come is the idea of ‘Women Empowerment.’

    Because a woman doesn’t need much respect, but surely, she needs more respect.

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