Essay On Gender Equality

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Essay On Gender Equality

By:-Arup Acharya

“In the nineteenth century, the central moral challenge was slavery. In the twentieth century, it was the battle against totalitarianism. We believe that in this century the paramount moral challenge will be the struggle for gender equality around the world”.

Nicholas D. Kristof, Half the Sky: Turning Oppression Into Opportunity for Women Worldwide

Gender Equality is a state where everyone gets the same standard opportunity irrespective of which gender, we belong to. 

Essay On Gender Equality
Essay On Gender Equality

But the society assigns us ‘categories’ which we are conditioned to follow irrespective of our choices.

The society we live in decides for us. It tells us our in the world. Society sorts us into two mainstream categories, male and female, and denies anything else which does not come under these two stereotypical gender categories.

The society literally tells, “Wow! You are a man! Here is the job, with a pay double than the effort you will have to put in” or “You are just a woman, you have only two jobs, one to give birth and raise a family and you want to do a job?!

Sure! But only till you give birth to a handsome baby boy.” And suppose we are not what society conditions us to be.

In that case, a young woman decides to fight back the constraints and stand independent, then the same society finds an alternative way to bring them down and tells us, “

Okay, here is your job, same as your male co-worker, same work, but double the effort but three times less the pay.”

 Our system never fails to agitate me. Feminism and gender equality are interrelated. Feminism asks for equality for women in terms of education, rights, and opportunities and also puts a stop to discrimination based on gender.

Several individuals worldwide are identifying themselves beyond the assigned genders, i.e. in a millennial phrase, ‘Coming out of the closet’.

Essay On Gender Equality
Essay On Gender Equality

They have been categorized into LGBTQIA – lesbians, gays, bi-sexual, transgender, queer, intersexual, and asexual communities.

Anything beyond this category stands to be non-binary. The categorizing still exists. Yet, the world treats them as vermin, for the sake of a better word lets use outcasts.

In India 89% of transgender citizens don’t get a job, let’s see it again, not jobless! just not permitted to have a job.

They must beg to meet their daily ends. Working men and women are asked to leave the job without any prior notice if they identify themselves as gays or lesbians.

Now gender equality is an issue for everyone and is just not based on working women.

The government states that the ratio of 5:4 is coming to light, for every five working men there are four working women.

But a news report came out at the same time proving this theory false and stated the new ratio is 7: 2, for every seven working men there are two working women. 

 We believe in gender equality but for a second just let us put aside gender and talk about equality.

In India, especially in the rural parts of the country young girls are dropped out of school and married off.

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    What is worse is that even if the girl is ambitious, she is oppressed by her not-so-serious brother to pursue his education.

    Well because the boy will stay with them and pay for their needs. What about the daughter?

    They will be married off, why should one waste money on their education it’s better if they learn how to cook and to keep the house clean.

    Instead, pay for the big guns for the wedding and it is such a colossal waste of money and time to spend it on their education.

    How will the system change if there is no one to guide these young girls?

    Who will show them that there is how much more to this world than cooking food for a family of four?

    Who will tell the very few working women that it’s completely normal to work after having children, that having children does not mark an end to their professional life?

    These are the questions whose answers are the need of the hour. Looking at the brighter side, yes, the world is changing.

    People are trying to understand and help in every way they can. They are dividing duties so that both men and women can work and spend quality time together with their children.

    Various measures have been suggested by the ‘National Committee on Women’s Education to improve girls’ education.

    Essay On Gender Equality
    Essay On Gender Equality

    The United Nations is also helping and making the sector give at least 34% of jobs to the members of LGBTQIA.

    And the youths of this world are partaking in activities to shut down the categorizing of gender roles created by society.

    Weight lift is an important symbol that presents gender equality as a balance of both figures.

    Both halves need to be equally strong in order to lift a weight. It is understood and known that everyone is trying their best to change the situations and circumstances we live in.

    And I also know that there will be a time when everything will be normal, a world where we don’t have to protest for our rights anymore, but that world will be for our next-to-next generation and we owe it to them; we owe it to them to make the world a better and easy place for them.

    Hence, we must attack cultural norms at the roots. The real impact every single person has in their hands is by teaching children and all people around us why gender equality is important.

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