Internet: The New World We Live In

Essay On Internet: The New World We Live In

By: – Aviral Pandey

I am Aviral and I am going to write about a fascinating world that we currently live in – The Internet.

This isn’t a story consisting of fairies and dreams but entails all the magical things that we see in our real life with the internet.

So, what exactly is the Internet, a question that we must ask first without delving deep into it.

The Internet is a world of many websites and pages that opens up a huge ocean of information for us.

Internet: The New World We Live In
Internet: The New World We Live In

It contains information in various multi-media formats and I think that is what makes it interesting.

You can watch videos online, see pictures or read texts all at a click. It’s magical to see, sitting in your house, how barren the Sahara Desert is or how beautiful the white lands of Antarctica look.

Once you are familiar with what the world of the internet consists of, let’s now move to the next part, how it makes my life easier and my world more interesting.

So, there are days when I want to learn more about the things I study in the classroom, then the Internet is my friend.

I visit the site of Google and type the things that I want to know more about, things like the colors of the rainbow, different animals that live in deep oceans, the maps of the different countries, and how the countries look like some scattered green and brown dots amidst vast blue waters.

When I see these things of nature being unfolded in front of my eyes, my imagination knew no bounds.

It makes me more curious to go ahead and search more about them and learn as much as I can.

It also helps me in learning things easily and interactively. Whenever I have to learn tables or some mathematical operations, I log into YouTube and see different videos which use very creative content to teach me all these.

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    It aids my classroom learning and then I can easily grasp my subjects and be good at them.

    The Internet also helps me learn other skills and develop my hobbies. It helps you to learn a lot of things with ease and in the comforts of your house.

    If I am interested in learning music then I can watch music videos for kids on YouTube. if I am interested in painting, I can subscribe to various arts channel which has videos for step-by-step learning for kids.

    At times, when I am bored and it’s raining outside and I can’t meet my friends then the Internet is my friend, I can watch my favorite cartoon shows on it.

    Our teacher often says that we must learn to make friends with nature for it provides us with all the important resources like water, air, etc.

    This summer, I planted 2 tree saplings in my courtyard. I learnt how to carry out the plantation process from the Internet and also it taught me how to take care of the plants afterward, once they sprang out of the grounds.

    The Internet additionally plays an important role in the life of adults. I have seen it in my family as to how whenever we have to make travel plans for a vacation, my parents book everything on Internet, things like travel tickets, accommodation, and restaurants.

    Also, at a time when my parents or even other parents are unable to step out of their homes because of the pandemic, the Internet provided them with a way to continue their job by working from home.

    I love to spend time with my parents and thanks to the Internet and working from home, it is becoming possible.

    The best thing regarding the Internet is that it is available to most people and is helping them to learn new things every day.

    Internet: The New World We Live In
    Internet: The New World We Live In

    My father says that because of the internet the world has changed a lot, there are no more long queues in front of banks or no more queues to pay bills.

    Everything is happening at a click, the magical power of the Internet that I call it. But, with power, there are also evils that get drawn and we have to be careful with the use of the Internet.

    We should not use it excessively else it would turn into an addiction. My mother uses to say that “use the Internet only as an aid and not as a substitute for offline learning or activities”.

    We have to be careful that we should go outside and make real friends instead of making friends only on social media.

    We should go out and play outdoor games with friends then only playing online games.

    We are in a growing phase and as the teacher says we would learn a lot from our outside surroundings than from the virtual environment.

    I believe that the Internet is a fairy-tale as long as we use it within limitations but this is true for any technology that we use.

    With better guidance from our parents and teachers, I believe we youngsters can utilize this as a boon for learning about the world and would be more equipped to adapt to an ever-changing world.

    This is my story of the Internet, the thing that has been the best gift to this generation and I would like to end my story with a quote on the Internet:

    “The Internet is the world’s largest library. It’s just that all the books are on the floor”

    Aviral Pandey

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