Impact Of Social Media On Youth

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Impact Of Social Media On Youth

By:- Poojita

Social media is an interactive network to share or even create undiscovered thoughts, ideas, web inventions, technologies, or market services online.

This provides various platforms for its users to voice their opinions to the world without actually needing to get out of their homes or any kind of physical interaction.

It is very well known that social media has become a significant part of our daily lives and that we cannot now really do away from the limelight that it offers, considering the information exchange and technological developments that social media offers on day to day basis.

Impact Of Social Media On Youth
Impact Of Social Media On Youth

This all-new whole thing of putting ourselves out there in the social media world, naturally and obviously, has a massive impact on the current and many, many more generations to come.

Social media has literally turned all our lives and many generations around in terms of technology, the transmission of information, and our general perspective of looking at and our approach towards materialistic worth.

Social media has undoubtedly impacted the youth at the largest because of the change that this online world comes with, which the youth is more prone to accept.

Various social media platforms provide youth today with endless features and opportunities to put themselves out there into the world and to create an identity.

Teenagers use social media as a place to chill out and make friendships, explore identities, stay connected to and develop their relationships online with their family and friends and share their interests, and might bring out something productive, both in terms of wisdom and business out of it.

The web offers limitless opportunities for a person with any kind of interest and perspective. It has become a huge part of teenagers’ social and creative lives.

There is literally no end or bar to what meaning one could give to his/her life on social media.

With this being said, it is in one’s hands what to make out of this huge platform to unleash creativity and decide how good it should be.

Impact Of Social Media On Youth
Impact Of Social Media On Youth

So like anything and everything, social media has two sides to it – positive and negative. What is to be made out of it is entirely up to the user.

Social media comprises a few excellent and useful platforms where one can interact with each other, make and explore new connections, reach out to, engage with, and be visible to the world.

This is enabled by the features which provide the opportunities to share our personal lives, and our photographs, tell people what we want to tell, and let them know who we are.

We can create digital products and online services, market them and actually sell them to fetch a good amount of money through it.

We have ample platforms that allow us to market even our offline products and services, generate new customers, and engage with our audience.

Today, the richest of the world’s population have earned and earned through social media.

This can be the biggest and largest source of income over the coming years for the people who are not even really inclined toward technology because these platforms have made it simpler and more efficient.

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    Social media is so edgeless that right from sharing our talents to befriending people with the same interests and right from being the source of information to being its creator, it can really be called a whole evolution in itself.

    The youth has been given to discover endless possibilities of the virtual world and to deepen the appreciation of their existing interests.

    The negative side of social media can be proportionately harmful.  Social media just being the thing of exposure out there in public, it is straightforward for people to make rude and hurtful comments on other people’s lives on the back of fake identities.

    Especially, the teenagers might not be strong enough to just let go of the opinions of the unknown faces or to make peace with whatever they might write could be pretty tricky for the teens.

    In addition, cyberbullying and identity theft have become widespread online crimes which can have the most dangerous consequences that youth might have to face, which can further have an adverse mental impact on the children.

    Teenagers are very prone to see offensive images or messages which should not be seen at his/her age.

    This too can clutter the little brains and distract the children from the things that are important to them.

    Moreover, social media life has kind of taken away the essence of physical interaction and natural presence.

    Teenagers have lost their physique and have disconnected themselves from nature and its process because of the imbalance between all their social and virtual activities.

    The screens have taken a toll even on the children’s physical health due to the harmful radiations and vibrations they emit.

    Impact Of Social Media On Youth
    Impact Of Social Media On Youth

    This can be the worst-case scenario where a virtual life takes over a child’s real life.

    Having been known to and aware of both the bright and dark sides of social media’s impact on a teenager’s life, it is essential to know that we too have control over what and how we allow it to impact us.

    The key is balance. The youth needs to have a healthy balance between his/her virtual and real-life and to give them only as important as they need to be given.

    Once the youth masters this art of balance, there is no limit to what one can do with all the talent and productivity hidden within him/her.

    There is no end to what one can achieve and make out of the virtual world which would turn around his/her real world.

    So, the idea is to acknowledge the value of social media and come out of it being a more productive and successful person.

    The youth and the generations to come can turn around the nation’s development process is really and truly; social media is put to the best of its use.

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