Meet And Greet Geeti Bhatia

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Meet And Greet Geeti Bhatia

Geeti Bhatia is a talented child studying in 5th standard in Mount Litera Zee School.

Her mother Mrs. Satveer Bhatia and Father Mr. Puneet Bhatia are from Alwar (Rajasthan). On 9th April 2010, a charming girl was born, her name was Geeti.

Geeti means the soul of singing and the entire universe, and the lovely name was given by an adorable Mrs. Purva Mishra Geeti’s bua .

Right from kindergarten till primary, she has been awarded the all rounder excellence award. She is a keen learner and always curious to learn new things to do.

Geeti has participated in many competitions and Olympiads. She has a good amount of collections of certificates, medals, and trophies.

Besides this, Geeti also loves art and craft, singing, and dancing.

Geeti loves to read books 📚 in her leisure time.

Her ambition in life is to become a doctor, a good human being who can serve society by helping poor people.

She has a positive attitude towards life. She believes that with the blessings of God, everything is possible.

She believes in the concept of seek God, trust God, and praise God.

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