National and International Days in February

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National and International Days in February

Below you will find a list of important national dates and international dates in February will assist in preparing for several competitive exams as well as enhance knowledge.

In common years, February has 28 days, but in leap years, it has 29 days. We are in the second month of the year. 

It is important to observe important national days and dates in order to raise public awareness about the importance of festivals, days, events etc. 

Through events focused on diseases, poverty, etc., people are made aware of the importance of these issues.  

Government examinations such as the SSC, banking exams, etc. A significant role is played by the General Knowledge section. 

This section contains questions from a variety of subjects. There are times when questions are based on important days and dates. 

The following is a schedule of important days and dates in February that will be helpful in preparing for competitive exams.

The diversity of India, of our civilization, is actually a thing of beauty, which is something we are extremely proud of.

Shri Narendra Modi (Prime Minister of India)

A vast nation with a long history, vast geography, and a diverse culture, India is one of the largest democracies in the world. 

It’s no secret that India’s culture and heritage are an amalgamation of the past and the present.

Indian festival seasons are widely spread evenly throughout the year, and in some parts of the country, there is a festival every month. 

Everyone in India enjoys the last cool month of winter in February. In February, several national and international events, festivals, and observances take place. Here’s what we found!

National and International Days: Important Days in February

National and International Days in February
National and International Days in February

1 February – Indian Coast Guard Day

This year’s Indian Coast Guard Foundation Day falls on 1st February. 47th Raising Day is being celebrated by the Indian Coast Guard this year.  

As the force responsible for securing the Indian coasts and enforcing laws in the Indian Maritime Zones, the Indian Coast Guard plays a crucial role.

2 February – World Wetlands Day

World Wetlands Day is celebrated worldwide every year on 2nd February. In Ramsar, Iran, the Wetlands Convention was adopted on 2 February, 1971. The first celebration took place in 1997. 

2 February – Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Day

On 2 February, Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Day is celebrated to raise awareness for patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

4 February – World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day is celebrated every year by WHO on 4 February to raise awareness of the disease and how to treat it. 

As per WHO, the theme represents the power of individual action now to influence the future and is an empowering call-to-action.

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    4 February – National Day of Sri Lanka

    The National Day of Sri Lanka is celebrated as Independence Day every year on 4 February. February 4, 1948, marked the end of British rule in Sri Lanka.

    4 February – Surajkund Crafts Mela

    From 4 February to 20 February, 2022, Surajkund Crafts Mela will be held in Surajkund, District Faridabad, Haryana. During this festival, Indian folk traditions and cultural heritage are celebrated. 

    There is a wide variety of handicrafts, handlooms, and cultural fabric on display in this Mela. 

    Organize by the Haryana Tourism Department to promote handicraft items, this is one of the most famous fairs in Surajkund, Haryana.

    5 February-13 February- Kala Ghoda Festival

    Starting on 5 February 2022, the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival will take place.  There are plenty of events during the festival that reflect Mumbai’s rich art history.

    6 February: International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation 

    A global day dedicated to raising awareness and educating people about the consequences of female genital mutilation is observed on 6 February. 

    6 February-12 February – International Development Week

    IDW (International Development Week) is celebrated in Canada from 6 February to 12 February, marking its 30th anniversary this year. 

    Different roles and career paths in international development are discussed on this day. 

    7 February – Rose Day

    Valentine’s Day celebrations begin a week prior to Rose Day when people exchange roses for expressing their love. 

    In addition to the colour of the roses, the sentiments behind them are also reflected in their color. 

    A red rose symbolizes the emotion of love when it is given to a loved one. Yellow roses, on the other hand, symbolize friendship. Get your copyright-free Best Rose Day Quotes And Messages For Your Valentine here.

    8 February – Safer Internet Day 

    It will be celebrated on February 8 this year. All stakeholders are called upon to work together to make the internet a more secure and better place, especially for children and youth.

    8 February – Propose Day

    Propose Day is celebrated on the next day of rose day. This day is a time for people to confess their feelings to their partners or their crushes. 

    This day is even popular for popping the question to your partner. Get your copyright-free Best Propose Day Quotes And Status In Hindi and Best Propose Day Quotes And Messages For Your Love here.

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      9 February – Chocolate Day

      Chocolate Day falls after the Propose day on the third day of Valentine’s Week. Sweet and delicious chocolates are exchanged on this day to forget about all the bitterness in life. 

      Gifting a box of chocolates or assorted candies to their partners or crushes is a popular way to pamper them. Get your copyright-free Best Chocolate Day Quotes For Love In Hindi and Chocolate Day Love Quotes And Messages In English here.

      10 February – National Deworming Day

      National Deworming Day is acknowledged on 10 February. Initiated by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt of India, in order to prevent worm infections among children across the country.

      10 February – World Pulses Day

      As part of sustainable food production, it is observed on 10 February to raise awareness about pulses’ nutritional and environmental benefits. 

      10 February – Teddy Day

      A cuddly teddy bear is traditionally gifted on the fourth day of love to the people you love. Plush toys are a superb way to express your love for your beloved and make them happy. 

      Bringing a smile to someone’s face with a cute teddy bear can change their mood. Get your copyright-free Best Teddy Day Quotes For Your Girlfriend In Hindi and Best Teddy Day Quotes And Messages For Your Loved One here.

      11 February – World Day of the Sick

      The 11th of February is observed as the day. During this day, believers pray for those suffering from illness as initiated by Pope John Paul II.

      11 February – Promise Day

      February 11 is Promise Day, a day dedicated to couples. On this day, they promise to remain together through thick and thin, in order to strengthen their relationship. 

      It’s all about commitment on this fifth day of Valentine’s Week. Get your copyright-free Best Promise Day Quotes In Hindi and Best Promise Day Quotes And Messages For Your Love here.

      11 February – International Day of Women and Girls in Science

      Women and girls are recognized on 11 February for their contributions to science, both as beneficiaries and as change agents. 

      The day focuses on increasing women’s and girls’ participation in science and achieving full and equal access to it. 

      Moreover, women and girls should be empowered, and gender equality should be achieved.

      12 February – Darwin Day

      Charles Darwin, the father of evolutionary biology, was born on 12 February 1809, and every year we celebrate Darwin Day to commemorate his birthday. 

      The day honors Darwin’s contributions to evolutionary science and plant science. A study in 2015 ranked Darwin’s Origin of Species among history’s most influential academic works.

      12 February – Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday

      Abraham Lincoln, the most popular president in American history, celebrates his birthday on 12 February. Abraham Lincoln Day, Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday, and Lincoln Day are also names for this day.

      12 February – National Productivity Day

      India celebrates it on 12 February annually in order to promote productivity culture. During National Productivity Month (NPM), NPC hosts a theme-based celebration. 

      12 February – Hug Day

      Valentine’s Week continues with Hug Day on the sixth day. As a way of comforting their loved ones, people hug them on this day. 

      Often, a hug can solve a conflict or explain an emotion that can’t be expressed in words. A big warm hug can fix emotional cracks, doubts, and anxiety about the future like nothing else. 

      Get your copyright-free Best Hug Day Quotes For Girlfriend Or Boyfriend and ​​Happy Hug Day Quotes In Hindi For Your Valentine here.

      13 February – World Radio Day

      In order to promote understanding and appreciation of radio, World Radio Day is celebrated on 13 February. Information is provided by it primarily in several countries.

      13 February – Kiss Day

      Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 13, just before Kiss Day. This day is dedicated to sealing love between lovers. 

      An affectionate kiss is the best way to show your love during Valentine’s Week. Get your copyright-free Best Kiss Day Quotes and Status in Hindi here.

      13 February – Sarojini Naidu Birth Anniversary 

      A day of celebration is observed on 13th February every year to commemorate the birth anniversary of the nightingale of India, Sarojini Naidu. 

      The daughter of Aghornath Chattopadhyaya and Barada Sundari Devi, she was born in Hyderabad on 13 February 1879. 

      Further, she was the first woman to hold the positions of president of the Indian National Congress and governor of Uttar Pradesh, the first female governor of an Indian state.

      14 February – Saint Valentine’s Day

      The Pope abolished a pagan fertility ritual held in February each year and declared 14 February Saint Valentine’s Day, thus adding it to the Catholic calendar of Saints. 

      St Valentine was first linked to romantic love by Chaucer in the Middle Ages. On this day, couples spend time together, go on romantic dates, give each other gifts, plan surprises, and do romantic gestures for one another.

      Although Valentine’s Week has become quite popular in recent years, many people believe there is no need to celebrate love on a specific day. Get your copyright-free 25 Best Inspirational Valentine Love Quotes and Sayings, Best Valentine’s Day Quotes And Status In Hindi, and Best Valentine’s Day Quotes And Messages Of Love here.

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        14 February – International Epilepsy Day

        In this year’s celebration, which coincides with Valentine’s Day, International Epilepsy Day is observed on 14 February, the second Monday of February.

        The day spreads awareness of epilepsy as well as educating people about the urgent need for better treatment, better care, and more research funding. 

        18 February-27 February – Taj Mahotsav

        Our country’s rich cultural heritage is revealed during Taj Mahotsav or Taj Festival on 18 February every year. 

        Featuring the finest examples of Indian craftsmanship, this magnificent structure represents Mughal splendor.

        20 February – Arunachal Pradesh Foundation Day

        On 20 February, Arunachal Pradesh celebrates its Foundation Day as it gained its status as a Union Territory and became a state. 

        20 February – World Day of Social Justice

        Every year, on 20 February, World Day of Social Justice is observed to highlight how social justice contributes to poverty eradication. 

        In order to achieve full employment and social integration, this day is dedicated to achieving full employment. Unemployment, poverty, and exclusion are all addressed on this day.

        21 February – International Mother Language Day

        A global celebration of language diversity and variety is held on 21 February every year to honor Mother Language Day. 

        The main objective of this day is to raise awareness of cultural and linguistic diversity around the world. The first announcement was made by UNESCO on 17 November 1999.

        22 February – World Thinking Day

        The Girl Scouts and Girl Guides around the world observe World Thinking Day, also called Thinking Day, on 22 February each year. 

        24 February – Central Excise Day

        On 24 February every year, India observes Central Excise Day in order to encourage the excise department’s employees to perform central excise duties in a better manner.

        Thereby preventing corruption in the manufacturing industry and providing the best possible exercise services.

        27 February – World NGO Day

        During this day, all non-governmental and non-profit organizations, as well as the people who work behind them, are recognized, celebrated, and honoured.

        28 February – National Science Day

        As a tribute to Indian scientist Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman, India commemorates National Science Day on 28 February. 

        In 1930, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for discovering the Raman Effect on 28 February, 1928.

        28 February – Rare Disease Day

        Rare disease sufferers, their families, and carers benefit from the day by raising awareness and generating change.

        International Days In February: In A Nutshell

        Day And DatesName of Important Days
        1 FebruaryIndian Coast Guard Day
        2 FebruaryWorld Wetlands Day
        4 FebruaryWorld Cancer Day
        4 FebruarySurajkund Crafts Mela
        5 February-13 FebruaryKala Ghoda Festival
        6 FebruaryInternational Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation
        6 February-12 February International Development Week
        7 FebruaryRose Day
        8 FebruarySafer Internet Day 
        8 FebruaryPropose Day
        9 FebruaryChocolate Day
        10 February National Deworming Day
        10 FebruaryWorld Pulses Day
        10 FebruaryTeddy Day
        11 FebruaryWorld Day of the Sick
        11 FebruaryPromise Day
        11 FebruaryInternational Day of Women and Girls in Science
        12 FebruaryDarwin Day
        12 FebruaryHug Day
        12 FebruaryNational Productivity Day
        12 FebruaryAbraham Lincoln’s Birthday
        12 FebruaryWorld Radio Day
        13 FebruaryKiss Day
        13 FebruarySarojini Naidu Birth Anniversary 
        14 FebruarySaint Valentine’s Day
        14 FebruaryValentine’s Day
        14 FebruaryInternational Epilepsy Day
        18 February-27 FebruaryTaj Mahotsav
        20 FebruaryArunachal Pradesh Foundation Day
        20 FebruaryWorld Day of Social Justice
        21 FebruaryInternational Mother Language Day
        22 FebruaryWorld Thinking Day
        24 February Central Excise Day
        27 February World NGO Day
        28 February National Science Day
        28 February Rare Disease Day
        International Days In February: In A Nutshell

        Hence, these days and dates may play a significant role in the preparation for various competitive examinations in the month of February 2022.

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