How To Break A Bad Habit

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How To Break A Bad Habit

How To Break A Bad Habit
How To Break A Bad Habit

Hello and a hearty welcome everyone who is reading my post. By now, some of you know about me, and many reading this post are strangers to me. So let me begin by telling you something about myself.

I am Rishika Ghai, and I have done NTT, BA Hindi (Hons.), Psychology (Hons.) and currently pursuing my B.Ed. I am a blogger, published author and mentor. Mostly I like working with nursery and LKG children.

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When I used to mentor nursery children, I realized that they also have the same peculiar habits that I used to have when I was of their age like:- holding a pillow, thumb sucking etc.

After looking at them, I realised how I used to look like when I was of their age, making the same gestures.

So by looking at their habits, I remembered my habit of thumb sucking and how I overcome it.

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You all will come to know about my success story by watching my video at the end of the article but still for those who are interested in reading for them today I will pen down for you my success story of the time I was 6years old.

As you all know that when we are young children we all have some or the other bad habit and some children overcome that habit while some can not get over it and carry on with it through their lives.

How To Break A Bad Habit
How To Break A Bad Habit-Thumb Sucking

So like every child, I also had a bad habit of thumb sucking, and it kept on continued for a while.

My mother tried every possible way to stop it like:- Putting neem paste, Chilli powder, Bitter medicine on my thumb but everything failed.

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I used to lick off everything that my mother had put on my thumb because I could only understand that I ought to suck my thumb at any cost, and no one could stop me. Somehow sucking my thumb gave me a feeling of security.

Once my mother got irritated and had even put a bandage on my thumb thinking that if I was not able to see my thumb, I will stop sucking it.

But I was not to be deterred and was so aggressive towards it that I tore the bandage with my teeth and I again started sucking it. This kept on continuing until the age of 6 to 7 years.

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Then later on one day, I realised that whenever I used to go out with my mother, everyone used to look at me and ask my mother that what’s your daughter’s age and why is she still sucking her thumb?

My mother didn’t know what to say, but gradually I started to feel embarrassed as people used to stop doing things and would stare at me as if mentally they would be saying,

“Oh, she is still sucking her thumb?” and I was not able to leave this habit.

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Then I realized that every time the same thing used to happen with me, and people used to make fun of me whenever they used to see me.

How To Break A Bad Habit
How To Break A Bad Habit

Even I also realised that the thumb which I was sucking had become extremely thin, and the skin around my thumb also started peeling off.

My right thumb was in terrible shape, but on the other hand, the left thumb, the one that I didn’t suck was looking very beautiful.

So that was the trigger point when I decided that I needed to stop this bad habit of sucking my thumb.

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Then at that point, I asked my mum whether I will be able to stop and get rid of my bad habit.

Mom said that if I wanted to get rid of this habit, then there is only one way to go about it.

I have to get rid of this habit at once, and that I should never look back.

That was the turning point in my life when I said to myself that, “now I will have to get rid of my bad habit” and I started sleeping with my hands folded and wrapped under my armpits or thighs.

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So that if I don’t see my thumb, I will not suck it and later on sleeping like this became my habit, and I quit sucking my thumb. So this is how, as a toddler, I overcome my bad habit.

So this was my success story of quitting a bad habit at a very young age. I believe that if you think you can, then you will be able to do it.

And this was my motto in life which I recommend to everyone to follow. It is correctly said that motivation and inspiration can come from anywhere.

So now you all readers can take an example of myself, or you can get inspired by our lovable actor Sanjay Dutt who was once a great actor and then he got addicted to drugs.

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But later on, he went to a rehab centre and quit his bad habit of drug addiction and then again had a grand comeback as a prominent actor.

So that’s how you all can get inspire and motivate yourself to quit a bad habit and change yourself because if you think you can and then and you can achieve anything in your life.

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