25 Best Inspirational Valentine Love Quotes and Sayings

25 Best Inspirational Valentine Love Quotes and Sayings

Valentine Love Quotes

The most beneficial and the most critical thing about love is that it cannot be described in words. When you actually love someone, it may be difficult to communicate those sentiments through messages.

True love may make you feel weak in the knees and powerless to speak. Perhaps that’s the most desirable type of love – where the other person gets you to fall so entirely in love that you are incapable of conceiving correctly. Though that can grow into a predicament as well.

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This list of the greatest love quotes of all time is sure to make it easier to express your sentiments and emotions of love to your companion.

These popular inspirational love quotes will help you describe precisely how you are thinking with the most simplistic wording.

Throughout this list, you will encounter quotes from this generation as well as from generations way before ours. But of these quotes is formed by someone who was intensely in love at one point or another.

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So, here are some of the best expressions about love, and being in love that you can use to communicate your emotions to your partner.

The two of us met like
Earth & the heavens meet.

Ranjeeta Nath Ghai

Tired, I came back to an empty home.
Not expecting to find you as a surprise.

Ranjeeta Nath Ghai

Those tender days,
When we were curled up 
Together, inseparable
Have now blown away
With the wind,
As light as a feather. 

It’s been so long but
There can never be
A replacement
For the words, feelings
Moments and memories
Shared together.

Warmth now replaced by the cold air.
And within myself, I curl up closer;
Within my heart, I plead silently
For your return.
For you are the only one for me.
You can never be replaced.

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As the shared memories
Of your scent fills my nostrils
I hurl your name at the echoing winds

Standing at the shore
Staring at the sea.
Trying desperately
To find a foothold
On sands of uncertainties.
I stand here waiting for you
To sweep me off my feet.
For with you
I shall ride
The waves
Of ecstasy and freedom.
The sea of opportunities.
And seal it with a kiss
To feel
The warmth of promise, again.

There couldn’t be a bigger crime
Than expectations in love
And taking your partner
For granted. Learn to
Give as much as
You want to

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Whenever I see you
My heart flies high,
On gossamer wings
Through a cloudless sky.

There inside of you;
In your heart and soul
More than you, I shall dwell…
Bringing loads of happiness
Quenching your thirtst and
Weaving magic, I shall cast my spell,
Lock out your fears
And love you enough to last you
For a lifetime;
For your whole life through.

Now that we are here, 
In it together
I know it’s not the last goodbye.

Seeking the security of your arms
Tightly tucked away
From evil slurring tongues
Envious eyes and 
Ostracizing dark thoughts
I meet an aura that travels upon
Wings of moonlit dust
Singing me an icy lullaby…

Meet me where
Our souls dance
In unison
Meet me where
Me and You become

The rolling raindrop
Falls from the heavens
Meets the ever changing earth.
And looses itself in the colours within.

Forever protecting me
Comforting me when I am down
Healing me when I am broken
Never the one to give up
On me or surrender
Exulting in my victory
Modified by judgment
Living outside of me
Yet an integral part of me
Mirroring my love
A devil though you are
‘YOU’ are my soul
My alter ego

Meeting you was fate,
Destiny, chance whatever
Thinking of you is inevitable.
I fell in love with the idea of you.
Expecting anything from you
Is an unrealistic idea
Hesitantly at first but
Now I realize it.

Thus, to safeguard
The fictional relationship
I once thought we shared. To avoid
My mind from teaming up against you
Tainting things until they look ugly…
Facing reality with crystal clear clarity. 
I clench my teeth now and
Walk right past you.

Jealousy & Lust;
Flip side of

“Love is such a waste of time, and I’m no fool,” he said emphatically.
Yet he holds his heart
Within his hands
Waiting for her
To look his way and smile.

Love is such a waste of time
And truth is
That we all stumble blindly towards it,
Pretending that we have any semblance
Of what we are doing.

When I picked up the call,
My heart came alive,
My spirit soared free 
And your words reverberated
Through my body
As you called my name

The Moon and The Sun.
A forbidden love
He chases her in an infinite game,
To the star crossed constellations,
Supporting each other
By being apart.

Some relationships
Are like old sweaters
Limp and lifeless,
With the beauty gone,
And faded colours
But despite being
Tainted by shut closets
They have the power to
Shield you and offer security
In the coldest of winters.

There are times when
You are so happy with your life
That sleep evades you

Your absence has gone through me
Like a dagger through a heart.
Life has been a long and silent street
We have forgotten how to talk.
In darkness we turn corners, yet
Always landing on the same street
Where we left last.

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