Important National and International Days In September

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Important National and International Days In September

A month with nine letters is September, is the 9th month of the year in the Gregorian calendar, occurring between August and October.

It is marked by the autumnal equinox in September in the Northern Hemisphere and the vernal equinox in March in the Southern Hemisphere.

During this month, both day and night become equal in length everywhere on Earth. This event is called the equinox, and it happens twice a year – once in March and again in September.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the September equinox signals the start of autumn/fall.

During the fall, deciduous trees’ leaves change color and eventually fall off. The days become shorter and cooler as the Sun moves lower in the sky.

In the Southern Hemisphere, the September equinox signals the beginning of spring. The days become longer and warmer as the Sun moves higher in the sky.

The month of September is marked by several holidays, including International Literacy Day, Teachers’ Day, World First Aid Day, Hindi Diwas, Engineers’ Day (India), International Day of Democracy, and World Ozone Day.

According to Roman mythology, Vulcan, the fire god, is associated with the month of September.

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In the ancient Roman calendar, it is the 7th month. September is named after the Latin word ‘septem,’ which means “seven”.

The following are significant days and dates (national or international) in September that will enhance general knowledge and help you prepare for various competitive exams.

Important National and International Days In September

Important National and International Days In September
Important National and International Days In September

1st September – National Nutrition Week

In order to raise awareness about nutrition and its importance for the human body, National Nutrition Week is observed from 1st to 7th September every year.

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2nd September – World Coconut Day

To raise awareness about how this crop can contribute to poverty reduction, World Coconut Day is celebrated every 2nd September. 

As part of the celebration, this day also commemorates the founding of the (APCC) Asian Pacific Coconut Community.

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3rd September – Skyscraper Day

Observed on 3rd September, Skyscraper Day celebrates the building of skyscrapers. 

A skyline is defined by skyscrapers, which are very tall buildings. An industrial masterpiece is constructed on this day, marking the achievement of man.

5 September – International Day of Charity

In order to achieve sustainable development goals, it is observed every year on 5 September as International Day of Charity.

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5 September – Teachers’ Day (India)

Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, India’s second president, was born on 5 September, making it Teachers’ Day every year. 

We acknowledge and appreciate the efforts made by teachers to make individuals responsible on this day.

7 September – Brazilian Independence Day

To commemorate the birth of the nation, Brazilian Independence Day is celebrated every year on 7 September. 

Brazil gained independence from Portugal on 7 September 1822. After the monarchical system ended in 1889, Brazil became a republic and designated 7 September as its Independence Day.

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8 September – International Literacy Day

There is an annual celebration of International Literacy Day on 8 September to raise awareness about literacy, which is a matter of dignity and human rights. 

The Sustainable Development Goals include it as a key component.

8 September – World Physical Therapy Day

Physical therapists all over the world observe World Physical Therapy Day every year on 8 September to raise awareness about the profession’s significant contribution to improving people’s health and well-being.

9 September – World First Aid Day (2nd Saturday of September)

Traditionally, it occurs on the 2nd Saturday of September, which falls on 11 September this year. 

During this day, the public is made aware of how to administer first aid in an emergency. 

All people should have access to first aid, and it should play an important role in developing societies, according to the International Federation.

10 September – World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD)

Each year on 10 September, World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) raises awareness about preventing suicides. 

The International Association for Suicide Prevention and WHO co-sponsor this day in order to promote suicide prevention.

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    11 September – 9/11 Remembrance Day/Patriot Day

    Today marks the 19th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks. Also known as 9/11, this was a day that shook America to its core. 

    Approximately 3,000 people were killed in the attacks, which took place at the World Trade Center in New York City, the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, and on Flight 93, which crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

    In the days and weeks that followed, America came together in a show of unity and resilience.

    We were reminded of what it means to be Americans – to stand up for our values and to never give in to fear.

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    11 September – National Forest Martyrs Day

    National Forest Martyrs Day was designated on 11 September because of its historical significance. 

    Amrita Devi led 360 Bishnoi tribe members in opposing tree felling on this day in 1730. As a result of their protest, they were killed in Khejarli, Rajasthan on the king’s orders. 

    12 September – Grandparents’ Day

    It will be observed on September 12 this year. Other countries also celebrate it on different dates. Grandparents and grandchildren share a beautiful bond as the day’s name suggests. 

    14 September – Hindi Diwas

    Hindi Diwas is commemorated on September 14 annually to commemorate the day on which the Constituent Assembly of India had designated Hindi written in Devanagari script as the primary language of the Republic of India. 

    This day is also celebrated as Hindi Language Day. Central government offices, schools and various other institutions mark this occasion by organising events dedicated to the promotion and propagation of Hindi language. 

    On this occasion, many functions are also organised in which famous Hindi poets and litterateurs participate.

    15 September – Engineer’s Day (India)

    Every year, engineers in India celebrate Engineer’s Day on 15 September in honor of Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya, the first Indian to be awarded the Bharat Ratna award for engineering.

    15 September – International Day of Democracy

    It is observed on 15 September as International Day of Democracy to make people aware that democracy is a people-centred process. 

    Democracies and human rights are realized more effectively on this day, which aims to make people aware of their importance.

    16 September – Malaysia Day

    Often referred to as ‘Hari Malaysia’, Malaysia Day is celebrated on 16 September. 

    Malaysian Federation was formed by joining the former British colony of Singapore with the East Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak on 16 September 1963.

    16 September – World Ozone Day

    Every year, 16 September is observed as World Ozone Day. The Montreal Protocol was signed on this day in 1987. 

    Founded by the United Nations General Assembly in 1994, World Ozone Day is celebrated worldwide every year on September 12. 

    People are reminded of the depletion of the Ozone Layer on this day and are encouraged to seek solutions to protect it.

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    16 September (3rd Saturday) – International Red Panda Day

    September 18 is celebrated every year as International Red Panda Day to raise awareness about yet another species that is at risk of extinction. 

    Conservation of the species is urgently needed on this day.

    17 September – World Patient Safety Day

    As part of World Patient Safety Day, which is observed annually on 17 September, nations and international partners are encouraged to take action and show solidarity to reduce patient harm.

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      18 September – World Bamboo Day

      To raise awareness about bamboo worldwide, World Bamboo Day is commemorated on September 18 in order to raise awareness about the conservation of this extremely useful plant. 

      Conceptualised by the World Bamboo Organisation (WBO), this day also promotes the bamboo industry by highlighting its concerns.

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      19 September – International Talk Like a Pirate Day

      This parodic holiday was created in 1995 by John Baur (Ol’ Chumbucket) and Mark Summers (Cap’n Slappy), of Albany, Oregon, U.S., who proclaim September 19 every year as International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

      The holiday has been celebrated every year since then, with pirate-themed events held in various countries around the world. 

      People are encouraged to dress and talk like sea plunderers of old on this day.

      21 September – International Day of Peace (UN)

      Every year, on September 21, the United Nations (UN) celebrates International Day of Peace to recognize peacekeepers and those who have worked to end conflict. 

      The day was established in 1981 by unanimous resolution of the UN General Assembly.

      21 September – World Alzheimer’s Day

      World Alzheimer’s Day is an international day of awareness and action against Alzheimer’s disease. It is commemorated on September 21 each year and was first held in 1994. 

      The day is organized by Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI), an umbrella organization of Alzheimer associations around the world, and its member organizations.

      It is important to sensitize people about the challenges patients with dementia face. The World Alzheimer’s Month initiative was launched in 2012.

      22 September – Rose Day (Welfare of Cancer patients)

      The Rose Day is observed on 22 September to promote cancer patients’ welfare or we can say that this day represents the hope that cancer can be cured for cancer patients. 

      The day commemorates 12-year-old Melinda Rose of Canada, who, despite being diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer, never lost hope.

      22 September – World Rhino Day

      World Rhino Day, is a day to celebrate these amazing creatures and raise awareness about the threats they face. Rhinos are some of the largest land animals on earth. 

      Depending on the species, these animals can weigh up to 2 tons and measure up to six feet tall at the shoulder. Rhinos have thick skin that protects them from predators and parasites.

      A safe natural habitat for this amazing species is created on this day in order to raise awareness.

      23 September – International Day of Sign Languages

      23rd September was declared International Day of Sign Languages by the UN General Assembly. 

      All deaf people and sign language users have an opportunity to celebrate and protect their cultural diversity and linguistic identity on this day.

      24 September (4th Sunday) – World Rivers Day

      World Rivers Day is observed on the last Sunday of September annually to educate people about the importance of rivers and also to highlight the threats they face. 

      The day was first celebrated in 2005 and has since grown in popularity, with events being held in countries all over the world. Rivers play a vital role in our planet’s ecosystem and are essential for life. 

      They provide us with fresh water for drinking, irrigation and industry; they are home to a huge diversity of plant and animal species; and they play a key role in the global carbon cycle.

      Sadly, rivers around the world are under threat from pollution, over-abstraction and damming. 

      25 September – World Pharmacists Day

      World Pharmacists Day is celebrated every year on September 25 to recognize the vital role that pharmacists and pharmacy technicians play in protecting public health.

      On World Pharmacists Day, we celebrate the countless ways that pharmacists contribute to patients’ and families’ lives around the world. 

      From providing life-saving medications and immunizations to offering expert advice on managing chronic conditions, pharmacists play a vital role in keeping people healthy.

      25 September – Antyodaya Diwas

      Antyodaya Diwas was introduced by the Government of India in the year 1972 to commemorate the birth anniversary of Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay. 

      It is celebrated on September 25th every year. The main objective of commemorating this day is to make sure that the poorest of the poor are not left behind in the country’s development process.

      This day is also observed as the National Day for Poverty Alleviation. On this day, various programmes and activities are organized by the government and non-governmental organizations to create awareness about poverty alleviation and help the poor and needy. 

      Various schemes and programmes are also launched on this day to help the underprivileged section of the society.

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        26 September – European Day of Languages

        The European Day of Languages is celebrated annually on September 26. The day was established by the Council of Europe in 2001 to celebrate the diversity of languages in Europe and to promote language learning.

        Since its inception, the European Day of Languages has been celebrated in many different ways, with activities ranging from language-themed parties and festivals to online language learning resources and competitions.

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        Starts last week of September – World Day of Deaf

        World Day of Deaf is celebrated annually on the last Sunday of September to spread awareness about the deaf community and their rights. 

        It was first observed in 1958. It starts in the final week of September and ends on the final Sunday of September.

        The day also aims to promote research and study related to deafness, and to improve education, employment and social services for people who are deaf. 

        In many countries, it is also known as International Week of the Deaf.

        26 September – World Contraception Day

        Every year, the 26th of September is observed as World Contraception Day. 

        It aims to raise young people’s awareness of contraceptive methods and enable them to make informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive health.

        26 September – World Environmental Health Day

        World Environmental Health Day is celebrated each year on 26 September to increase awareness of the importance of environmental health and to highlight the positive impact that it can have on people’s lives.

        The day also provides an opportunity for individuals, communities and businesses to take action to improve their local environment and contribute to protecting global health.

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        27 September – World Tourism Day

        World Tourism Day is celebrated annually on September 27. 

        The day was first observed by the United Nations World Tourism Organization in 1980 to encourage awareness of the role that tourism plays in the international community and to highlight its potential as a driver of social, economic and cultural change.

        World Tourism Day is an opportunity for everyone in the tourism industry to celebrate the many ways in which tourism makes a positive impact on the world. 

        It is additionally a time to reflect on the challenges faced by the sector and to find ways to overcome them.

        28 September – World Maritime Day (4th Thursday of September)

        World Maritime Day is celebrated every year on October 28 to highlight the significance of shipping safety, maritime security and the marine environment.

        The day also provides an opportunity to focus on the role of international cooperation in ensuring safety at sea.

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        28 September – World Rabies Day

        World Rabies Day is recognized annually on September 28 to raise awareness of the global impact of rabies and to highlight the need for continued action to control and eliminate this fatal disease.

        Rabies is a preventable viral disease that infects all mammals, including humans. The disease is transmitted through the bite of an infected animal, typically a dog. 

        Rabies is generally always fatal once symptoms appear. Rabies kills more than 59,000 people each year, most of them children in Africa and Asia. 

        The vast majority of rabies cases can be prevented through vaccination of dogs and other at-risk animals, as well as education on responsible pet ownership and bite prevention.

        28 September – International Day For Universal Access To Information 

        Every year, 28 September is observed as International Day For Universal Access To Information (IDUAI). It is a day dedicated to the right to seek out, receive, and share information. 

        The day has been celebrated annually since its inception in 2016. It focuses on the significance of access to information as a fundamental human right and a cornerstone of democracy. 

        It also highlights the need for countries to adopt and implement laws, policies and practices that guarantee public access to information. 

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        29 September – World Heart Day

        World Heart Day is observed on 29 September each year to promote awareness of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and its prevention.

        The day also provides an opportunity for people to assess their own risk of CVD and take steps to reduce it.

        There are many simple lifestyle changes that can significantly reduce the risk of CVD, such as eating a healthy diet, being physically active and quitting smoking.

        World Heart Day is an annual campaign to make people aware of the importance of heart health and to encourage people to take action to reduce their risk of CVD. 

        The day provides an opportunity for people to assess their own risk of CVD and take steps to reduce it.

        30 September – International Translation Day

        Every year, 30 September is observed as International Translation Day. Language professionals are recognized on this day as a result of their work. 

        Moreover, it contributes to world peace and security by bringing nations together.

        Important National and International Days In September In a Nutshell

        Date Anad MonthName of Important Days
        1 SeptemberNational Nutrition Week
        2 SeptemberWorld Coconut Day
        3 SeptemberSkyscraper Day
        5 SeptemberInternational Day of Charity
        5 SeptemberTeachers’ Day (India)
        7 SeptemberBrazilian Independence Day
        8 SeptemberInternational Literacy Day
        8 SeptemberWorld Physical Therapy Day
        9 September (2nd Saturday)World First Aid Day (2nd Saturday of September)
        10 SeptemberWorld Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD)
        11 September National Forest Martyrs Day
        11 September9/11 Remembrance Day/Patriot Day
        12 SeptemberGrandparents’ Day
        14 SeptemberHindi Diwas
        15 SeptemberEngineer’s Day (India)
        15 SeptemberInternational Day of Democracy
        16 SeptemberMalaysia Day
        16 SeptemberWorld Ozone Day
        16 September (3rd Saturday)International Red Panda Day
        17 September World Patient Safety Day
        18 September World Bamboo Day
        19 SeptemberInternational Talk Like a Pirate Day
        21 SeptemberInternational Day of Peace (UN)
        21 SeptemberWorld Alzheimer’s Day
        22 SeptemberRose Day (Welfare of Cancer patients)
        22 September World Rhino Day
        23 September International Day of Sign Languages
        24 September (4th Sunday) World Rivers Day
        25 SeptemberWorld Pharmacists Day
        25 September Antyodaya Diwas
        26 SeptemberWorld Contraception Day
        26 SeptemberEuropean Day of Languages
        26 SeptemberWorld Environmental Health Day
        27 SeptemberWorld Tourism Day
        28 SeptemberWorld Rabies Day
        28 September (4th Thursday)World Maritime Day
        29 SeptemberWorld Heart Day
        30 SeptemberInternational Translation Day
        Last week of September – last Sunday of SeptemberWorld Day of Deaf

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