Result And Report of GenOrators, Season-3 [International Public Speaking Contest]

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Result And Report of GenOrators, Season-3 [International Public Speaking Contest]

It is our belief at RNTalks that communication is the foundation of society. In turn, it allows us to drive change, influence decisions, and establish connections.

The ability to progress in the practical world and life itself would be impossible without communication skills. It is ironic that public speaking can be one of the most powerful yet most dreaded methods of communication.

You can make a significant impact on your career path and level of achievement by participating in GenOrators: International Online Public Speaking Contest.

Like every year, RNTalks LLP conducted an International Online Public Speaking Contest. It included 6 DAYS. 6 TOPICS. INTERVIEW. AWARDS. TROPHIES. CERTIFICATES (hard copy & e-certificates) to winners.

Result And Report of GenOrators, Season-3 [International Public Speaking Contest]

Children spoke on topics like cyber security, girl education, stubble burning, water conservation, animation, conservation of resources, gaming, animation, the expectation of youth from Indian cinema, failure and setbacks, dependence on technology, benefits of laziness, yoga benefits, pandemic, population, etc.

Command on language (whether Hindi, English or Hinglish), grammar, confidence, content, speech clarity and video presentation were the criteria for the contestants’ judgment.

Ranjeeta Nath Ghai, who has been awarded numerous awards in the field of blogging and education, started RNTalks LLP as an initiative toward edutainment (education and entertainment).

The purpose of RNTalks is to give an opportunity to all those who wish to become better versions of themselves.

The company RNTalks LLP is registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs – Government of India (AAQ-1943). They also release quizzes, annual e-magazine and anthologies which invite quality content like articles, essays, quotes and poetry.

Most of the facilities here are free so that all can benefit from them.

Many students participated in the GenOrators 2022, Season 3. There were three winners declared in the event.

  1. Utkarsh Garg bagged 1st position from Saint Joseph Convent Senior Sec School Bathinda.
  2. Kailash of MEGC, Bangalore, bagged 2nd position.
  3. Vyganishi of MEGC, Bangalore, bagged the 3rd position.

Very soon, RNTalks will be coming up with Creative Quest, Season 3, which promotes personality growth by mixing literature with performing arts.

“Each child had researched the topic very thoroughly and spoke with confidence. Topics like gaming and animation were a welcome change from the usual stuff. One of the most engaging topics chosen was stubble burning. If this is what our students feel about the issue, then it’s high time our govt should seriously start solving the problem.”

Founder & Director, Ranjeeta Nath Ghai

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