Anshika Khandelwal Shares Her Life with RNTalks

Anshika Khandelwal Shares Her Life with RNTalks

Anshika Khandelwal Shares Her Life with RNTalks

Anshika Khandelwal was born to a Hindu vaishya family in Alwar, Rajasthan.

Father’s name is Mr. Nitin Khandelwal and Mother’s name is Mrs. Reena Khandelwal.

they live in a joint family system. Unlike orthodox joint families they have an open view to the world having moderate values.

Born on 9oct 2006, Anshika Khandelwal studies in class 9th of Alwar Public School.

She loves to dance… especially dance form dandiya. She has won many awards in dandiya functions.

Other than dance Anshika loves to indulge in creativity like drawing, sketches, illusion, flower painting, good messages giving paintings.

Anshika Khandelwal Shares Her Life with RNTalks

Having participated in many competitions she has a good amount of collection of certificates from contests and Art projects.

Besides these Anshika also loves to speak about great people, participate in debate competitions, listen to light music, and gardening.

She is a keen nature and an animal lover. Her recent poem and painting related to painful incident of elephant killing was published in ihe newspaper, Alwar Bhaskar. 

Her love of reading includes reading diaries like the diary of a young girl, diary of a vimpikid etc. 

Having a creative mind, she is always interested in doing something new and creative like making decorative things from waste material.

Anshika love to meet new people and make new friends.

She loves to travel to different places and enjoys life.

She has a positive outlook about life and believes that life is a journey, not a race.


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