RNTalks Felicitates Mentors On Its Platform

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Report: RNTalks Felicitates Mentors on Its Platform 

गुरुर ब्रह्मा गुरुर विष्णु गुरुर देवो महेश्वरः
गुरुः साक्षात्परब्रह्मा तस्मै श्री गुरुवे नमः

RNTalks Felicitates Mentors on Its Platform. RNTalks is the first online platform that allows entrepreneurs and mentors to connect. We’re building a community of like-minded people who can share their experiences, learnings, and advice with one another.

I am a mentor and an entrepreneur and At RNTalks we believe in helping entrepreneurs achieve success by helping them find the right mentors.

And we also believe mentors should get acknowledged for sharing knowledge and building up the nation!

That’s why we built this platform where both parties benefit from each other. It’s time to change how business and mentorship get done! 

Ranjeeta Nath Ghai

It gives us immense pleasure to welcome our Chief guest Dr (Mrs) Daksha K Shah, who has a line of achievements in her kitty like Ph.D. (Education), M Phil (Education), BA (Hindi and English), MA (Hindi), PGDEM (Education management), PGCTE ( English From CIEFL Hyderabad), B.Ed Hindi & Gujarati, M.Ed, Dip. Early Childhood Education, plus Two certificate courses: a) Guidance and vocational and counseling b) Guidance and counseling for school teachers. She is currently the Principal Mumbai of B.Ed college. Her hobbies are -reading, traveling, surfing the net, listening to music, tailoring. 

Nothing is impossible if given an opportunity. Teaching-learning is my passion to date I am a learner.

Dr (Mrs) Daksha K Shah

On this teachers’ day 5th September 2021 RNTalks Felicitates Mentors by introducing the coveted (RSRA) RNTalks Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Awards for Mentors, Teachers, Trainers, Institutions, and Entrepreneurs.

We consider it our privilege to honor the nation builders who have been working in the shadows of the COVID pandemic.

While the health workers kept us safe these mentors kept the light of knowledge burning and led the future of our nation (our children) from darkness to light. With a heart full of pride we introduce you to our awardees below…

RNTalks Felicitates Mentors On Its Platform
RNTalks Felicitates Mentors On Its Platform

RNTalks Felicitates Mentors: Report of RNTalks Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Awards 2021

An online award ceremony, RNTalks Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Awards (RSRA) was conducted on the RNTalks platform to felicitate the teachers, mentors, and entrepreneurs with the belief of Teachers are nation builders.

In the past 2 years of covid pandemic mostly all the health workers were applauded and to a  large extent, even the celebrities for their role in the service of the nation but one category of silent yet diligent community was ignored totally… that being the teaching fraternity. 

Teachers have shaped our future and molded us into fine personalities.  RNTalks set the records straight and honored the teaches on zoom platform on 5th September 2021, at 5:00 PM IST on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Shri Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, formerly the President of India and a teacher himself.

The founding director Ranjeeta Nath Ghai started off with the ‘Guru Brahma Gurur Vishnu, Guru Deva Maheswara…’ shlok.  All were requested to switch on their videos, which all did and wished each other.  

Dr. Daksha Shah, a very learned and knowledgeable person and Principal of B.Ed. College in Mumbai was the Chief Guest of the event.  To her, nothing is impossible if given an opportunity. 

Dr. Ms. Shah congratulated all the teachers for their achievements.  She stated that teaching is a challenge.  At every moment we are learning and listening to children.  Covid has taught us all a lot, she said. 

In conclusion, Dr. Daksha stated that first, we must understand ourselves and then understand others.

After an inspiring speech of Chief Guest Dr. Daksha Shah, mentors, who had achieved a lot in life and have been involved in educating the unprivileged and underprivileged, needy children whether they were in the teaching field or entrepreneurs were honored.

These mentors belonged to various states and fields of service.  Each teacher honored was introduced in detail and given an opportunity to speak of their experiences of teaching. 

Many shared their thoughts on teaching. Few felt that we should teach with the help of stories and few said that children taught them.  

The whole program was a mesmerizing experience.  Ms. Ranjeeta Nath Ghai conducted the whole program meticulously and was praised by all the awardees.

She had control over the program, though she kept saying that she is not tech-savvy.  It was nice to hear her commanding yet affable voice. 

The whole concept of honoring women who are in the teaching field or have contributed to teaching from various fields and parts of India is a very innovative idea. 

All the felicitated mentors thanked Ranjeeta Nath Ghai for the honor and requested her to continue such endeavors in the future too.  Such honor will motivate each one to put in more effort to build the nation.

Such honor and recognition motivates each mentor to put in efforts to build a better and stronger nation.

RNTalks Felicitates Mentors: Meet The Felicitated Mentors 

Akta Sehgal Malhotra

Akta Sehgal Excellence In Academics - Exemplary Academic Leader Of 2021 (1)
Akta Sehgal Excellence In Academics – Exemplary Academic Leader Of 2021

Akta Sehgal is a financial mentor and a social activist who has won more than 20 awards nationally as a finance mentor and women entrepreneur of the year.

She is also a Talk Show host, a blogger, a poet and works extensively towards creating financial awareness in women and kids, and aims to make the country financially literate.

A kid’s mentor who believes kids do the mentoring. Akta is a change-maker and is driven by three P’s passion, perseverance and panache and is working towards Educate Empower and enlighten.

She is the Founder of Manas Wealth, Motherhood Club, Kiddomentoring, Mcube, and Vanyas Craft.

Ila Pachauri 

Ila Pachauri: Iconic Nation Builders Award Of 2021
RNTalks Felicitates Mentors On Its Platform: Ila Pachauri: Iconic Nation Builders Award Of 2021, RNTalks Felicitates Mentors On Its Platform

She is a green crusader, a poet, a motivator, and a mentor. She has been actively creating awareness about the importance of green plants and also green waste management.

For the past 4 years, she is actively sharing her knowledge on minimizing household waste by turning it into compost, bio-fertilizers, bio cleaners, and organic skincare products like toners and hair oil.

She is driven by a passion for a greener and cleaner environment, upliftment of women and kids. She believes that each of us has a responsibility in society and it has to be worked upon.  

She is the founder of My little Greens, Chief happiness officer Motherhood club, and Co-founder MCube. Her motto in life is ” Each one … Kheench (pull) one.

Shilpa Venkat

Shilpa Venkat: Iconic Nation Builders Of 2021-Excellence In School/Entrepreneurs
RNTalks Felicitates Mentors: Shilpa Venkat- Iconic Nation Builders Of 2021-Excellence In School/Entrepreneurs

Shilpa Venkat is an Entrepreneur based in Pune, Founder of WOW Women of Wonder Group, the biggest women’s business group on the Telegram app in Pune.

She started this group 6 years back with an aim to help small-time women entrepreneurs to get a platform to start their businesses.

Her work as a community builder has fetched her many awards and accolades. The group has also been covered in newspapers and digital media.

Prof. (Dr.) Sadique Shaikh

Prof. (Dr.) Md. Sadique Shaikh: Excellence In Instructional Leadership | Iconic Torch Bearer Of 2021
RNTalks Felicitates Mentors: Prof. (Dr.) Md. Sadique Shaikh: Excellence In Instructional Leadership | Iconic Torch Bearer Of 2021

Prof. (Dr.) Sadique Shaikh is director of his own management institute and International Author/Speaker/Scientists in Artificial Intelligence as well as 130 research papers and 67 books, 41 awards in his credentials.

Babita Hundal

Babita Hundal from Mohali Punjab is a National & International artist. The journey of her exhibitions started in 1987. She had her first solo exhibition in 1987 in Chandigarh, she held a solo exhibition in New Delhi in 1992.

She communicates through her colors as she gives life to the canvas. She has 9 years of teaching experience in art in a school in Mohali, where she taught the children to be free thinkers & to be creative.

From March-2008 to March-2017  she had worked at a millennium school. Now it is learning path school Sec 67 Mohali  ( founder teacher). 

She had many National & International Art Group exhibitions in Mumbai, Indore, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Delhi, Goa, Vadodara, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Kathmandu, Shimla.

In  2018 she held a solo exhibition in Panchkula. In her professional journey, she has won a lot of Medals & trophies. 

At present due to COVID 19, she has been participating in online Art exhibitions as well.

Babita has done her Textile designing (degree) Textile designing (advance) Fashion designing, Commercial art & Art Masters (distinction) from South Delhi Polytechnic New Delhi. There was much more in 2021. 

Most prestigious and Most talked about record-breaking awards where she uploaded her doing work 🎨 in a fixed given time are- High range book world record, Marvellous book records, Extraordinary world records, and Guinness World Records.

Swarleen Kaur

Swarleen Kaur from The Talk Room. Swarleen is a Personality Coach International Speaker Author and Educator with experience of 20 years.

She has worked as PGT English and now runs her own organization in Dehradun. 

Dr. R. Venugopalan  

Dr. R. Venugopalan Iconic Education Transformers of 2021 Award Excellence In Teacher Training
RNTalks Felicitates Mentors On Its Platform: Dr. R.Venugopalan Iconic Education Transformers of 2021 Award Excellence In Teacher Training

Dr. R. Venugopalan is known as Maitreya, an Academician, Social Worker, Educator, Poet, Author, Conscious Awakener, Peace Builder, Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Spiritual thinker, Mystic, Acupuncturist, Astrologer, Nadi Vijnani, Marma expert,  and Yoga Shiromani.

He is a holder of 8 world records as the highest educated person. Written 75 highly well-appreciated books, trained more than 2 Lakh people, and provided Free Healing to more than 5 Lakh people.

He is also running the charity organization Soul Searchers which is having a reach of 525000 families.

Anita Pathak

Anita Pathak from Bhopal is a PGT teacher in DAV PUBLIC HR. SEC SCHOOL. She teaches English up to 12th. Writing is her passion and I am enjoying it through my poems, stories, and all write-ups 🙏

Dr. Lipika Modi

Dr. Lipika Modi is from Guwahati, Assam. She is a Social Activist, a pageant queen, a travel enthusiast, a trained actor, a personality groomer.

She works in the field of hunger relief, trying to provide at least two square meals to the less privileged. She is associated with quite a few NGOs and social organizations at different posts.

She has been felicitated with several national and international awards and has been featured in a coffee table book and 100 inspiring Indians 

Dr. Pallavi Vasudha Vishwas 

Dr. Pallavi Vasudha Vishwas, is the Founder of HappyHarmony, Harmony Happiness Coach, Work-life Balance Expert, Soft Skills Trainer

an inspiring speaker, an aspiring author, and plays many more roles.

Pallavi has extensive experience of more than 18 years. She has been awarded Nationally and Internationally.

She helps young individuals develop life skills and a positive mindset to ensure they achieve their dreams by enhancing their strengths!

She is also passionately empowering busy, ambitious Working Women to manage stress effectively with a smile and help integrate their work-life to pilot their flight of happiness with self-belief and confidence.

Rosy Gandhi 

Rosy Gandhi is a passionate educator with an experience of 25 years in holistic education. She is a proud recipient of numerous national and international awards. A blogger, YouTuber, and Fashion designer. She has done 4 Master degrees, 380 certifications, and 15 Diploma programs.

Kunj D Channe 

Kunj D Channe is the founder/Director/project Researcher/car designer/CEO of SCDR Pvt Ltd, an Indian car design and research development company, as well as a great inventor, marketer, public speaker & entrepreneur, professional industrial trainer & CAD master.

The success story of SCDR company is the best and biggest example of “Make in India”. After 12, I had to drop out of studies taking higher education, after at the age of 22 I set up my own company. 

His company is also included in the list of the top 10 fastest-growing companies. He has about 10years of experience in the field of Auto Design & Research field and has been honored with many awards for being an Entrepreneur, Technology, innovator, and innovation.

Kunj has also been awarded two fellowship awards and national awards. He has also been awarded, Gold Medal, and his name has also been entered in the Delhi Book of Records. He has been invited many times to National Conference as Chief Guest.

His success story has been published on many platforms. Recently he has been awarded the I-Inspire Award in 2021

Geeta Nigam

Geeta Nigam: Exemplary Academic Leader Of 2021 | Excellence In Academics
RNTalks Felicitates Mentors On Its Platform: Geeta Nigam: Exemplary Academic Leader Of 2021 | Excellence In Academics

is an educationist, motivational speaker, singer, dancer, poet, story writer, and storyteller. An educationist is always a learner as well as an inspirer. So am I.

Even after teaching for more than 30 yrs still a learner. I believe sternly in humanity, nobilities, happiness, empathy, and gratitude if I am an empowered Teacher.

Dr Rupinder Brar 

Is an Assistant professor at Shivalik Institute of education and research, Mohali, Punjab.

She is a teacher Educator, Certified Life Coach, Published Author, Motivational Speaker, Poet, Storyteller, and Numerologist. Her doctorate research in creative dramatics has brought to the fore, the important role of creative arts in the teaching-learning process. 

Her valuable research findings influenced many educators’ views on this subject. Dr. Brar has successfully steered the career pathways of innumerable students. She is a source of motivation for thousands of students who reach out to her for guidance and counseling.

Dr (Mrs) Anupama Gupta

is an Educationist, Director Education at “Global Sainik Academy Bidar” at Karnataka, Co-founder ULB (an online teaching platform), Volunteer Admin with eVidayaloka NGO, and connected with a school online and lending my volunteer teaching and administrative abilities in a village school in Naxalite affected area of Jharkhand, Reiki 2nd degree holder.

She has 27 years of teaching experience believes that every child has the right to education.

Sanniyah Ahmed 

Sanniyah NLP Lifecoach cum food & nutrition specialist, motivation speaker, counselor making people remove stress, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, child abuse, couple counseling, healing from past painful memories, live medicine-free life from autoimmune disease.

Saving lives from suicide attempts has been her few of the major contributions to society. The aim of my life is to make life worth living.

Kshamata Sachin Lad 

Kshamata Sachin Lad (formerly known as Kshamata Prakash) is an Assistant Professor by Profession, a poet, storyteller, spoken word artist, and an educator at heart.

Being in education and training young minds for over 10 years now, words have always been her superpower. She believes in expressing thoughts and these thoughts can surely make a difference in the world.

She always promotes her students to think on their creative side and explore the world from a different angle.

She is running a YouTube Channel and an Instagram page by the name Be W.O.W. A dreamer at heart and an artist to start!

Ms. S. Poornima

Ms.S.Poornima is working as an Assistant Professor of English in Trinity College, Tamilnadu.

She is a Poet,  Short story writer, Editor, Orator, and world record holder. She is the creative writer of writing poems, short stories, and slogans on various themes.

She set 7 World records based on literary activities. She is the award recipient of Academic Excellence, Bharat Bhusan, Rashtriya Samaj Seva Ratna, Best Faculty, Literary Excellence, etc.

Ameya Sunildatta Bal

Ameya S. Bal: Excellence In Academics | Exemplary Academic Leader Of 2021
RNTalks Felicitates Mentors On Its Platform: Ameya S. Bal: Excellence In Academics | Exemplary Academic Leader Of 2021

Ameya Sunildatta Bal is Assistant Professor in K. J. Somaiya College of Arts and Commerce by Profession; a poet, voice-over artist, scriptwriter, and talkative person. Being associated with AIR, Zee, and Doordarshan for 12 years, entered teaching simultaneously.

The motive behind entering Media teaching was to train and prepare young media entrants, industry-ready. Today he has 12 years of teaching experience and in these years he has trained many students who are ruling the media industry.

In his journey, he has published 6 textbooks and few research papers too. He has two YouTube channels named “SARTHA” and “Ameyabal” to express his creation and intellect. He has been awarded as Best teacher by the Institute of Scholar, Banglore.

Mrs. Shubhangi

 Mrs. Shubhangi is a proud founder, director, and even the faculty of Smart Step Classes(Training Provider & Study Abroad Consultancy) and has experience in teaching for almost a decade.

For the past 10 years, she has helped many students to achieve their dreams. She is working towards connecting young minds to strive toward success and achievement. 

She holds a degree in Masters of Business majoring in Human Resource. Besides this, she is a Certified international language trainer from British Council, IDP, and ETS  Princeton USA, who has also been accoladed as the Best Orator from Ehsas Mahila Samiti.

Apart from this, she is a trained life coach and a personality trainer besides being an educationist. 

Shweta Davda

Shweta Davda is the founder of Brilliant Minds. She has a teaching experience of more than 15 years has been mentoring kids for over a decade now with Academics, Neltas, Olympiad exams, Handwriting Improvement, Jolly Phonics, Grammar, French…etc 

She is a Calligraphy artist felicitated by Govt. of India, PAN certified Yoga and Fitness trainer founder of  Boo-dhee, FSSAI certified Dietician and Nutrition Coach Balanced Bites, and Counseling psychologist and therapist (child specialist) at Better Brains.  She also works for an NGO to provide free education to children. I have always believed that we rise by uplifting other. 

Patel Daksha 

Patel Daksha is an assistant teacher in Prarthana Central School Bangalore. She has her own Academy and working internationally as a special educator for Abacus,  Vedic Maths, Ibrainpowers, Handwriting improvement, Calligraphy Writing, Rubik’s Cube, Unique Multiplication Techniques.

As well as she trains teachers. Currently, she is developing her own Memory improvement program and it will be launching soon. She has worked as a Principal as well as in college and has more than 20 years of experience in the teaching field. 

She has trained many children and teachers. Now many children are in a good position and many teachers have started their own Academy. Her motto in life is to build a strong nation.

Dr. Nipunjot Kaur

She is a doctorate in molecular Biology. Am heading the department of Biotechnology in GSSDGS Khalsa College, Patiala. She has more than 15 years of Teaching Experience.

She is currently taking care of the duty of Deputy Registrar and Convenor of Ganda Singh Career Guidance and Counseling cell. 

Prof. (Dr.) Meenakshi V. Waykole

Prof. (Dr.) Meenakshi V. Waykole is a qualified M.A (Economics), M.Phil, and Ph.D. She is a senate member, research guide of KBCNMU, Jalgaon, and Principal of the oldest, reputed infrastructure P.O.Nahata College Bhusawal.

She is contributed several research papers and books and guide and qualified many Ph.D. students in Economics, Commerce, and Management.

Super Suresh G 

Super Suresh G is the Founder & Director of an overseas educational advisory organization ( Meisters international educational advisory Pvt ltd., Chennai, Tamilnadu, India) Super Founder of Super Believers Klub, which has super Believers and Achievers across the globe.

Received Awards from World book of records, London. Best Teacher award from “Super 30” movie from Actor Hrithik Roshan. Received I-Inspire award from Mstalks 2021

Dr. Jyoti Yadav

(Mrs.) Jyoti Yadav belongs to Alwar Rajasthan. Qualified M. A, M. Phil, B. Ed, CTET, RTET, CSB, Ph. D. Like to cook traditional food, favorite games basketball, badminton, and carom.

Have 4 years of teaching experience. Subject taught Maths, Hindi, G. k, Art and Craft as a primary teacher in Army Public School Itarana Alwar Rajasthan. She gave her knowledge and skills to her lovely pupils and feels very proud to serve them

Sandeep Phanker 

Sandeep Phanker from Shimla Himachal Pradesh. He is a junior basic teacher (JBT) at Primary School Chhalari Ninvi Education Block Sarahan Bsr. I have been in this field for more than 15 years.

Dr. Shafali Gupta

Dr. Shafali Gupta, an AWWA and SR Krishnan awardee, is a multifaceted personality. She is a proud Educationist, Resource person, Student counselor in ULB, Freelancer in TIO ( International newspaper), teacher’s trainer in AVM, Relationship counselor, Co-owner of Mayurpankh, Motivational and Public Speaker speaker, and a highly educated lady having done M.A, B.Ed and is a Doctorate in political science.

In spite of her academic credentials, she has chosen to be associated with various NGO’s.she is a global speaker and has delivered talks on varied topics in National and International seminars, conferences, and events. 

Dr. Gunwant Kaur Brar

Dr. Gunwant Kaur Brar is Assistant Professor at Shivalik Institute Of Education and Research, Mohali (Punjab). Got recognition for my outstanding leadership qualities, acknowledged and decorated with awards.

She is an International speaker, internationally published writer with 20 years’ teaching services and commitment that exemplify and support for impacting students’ success through the development and dissemination of innovative teaching and learning practices.

She has been working for emerging technology resources for exploring critical global challenges, and inspiring students to be life-long learners connected to their environment through embedding sustainable knowledge.

She has also contributed to developing a greater understanding of rich Punjabi culture and heritage through co-curricular activities, and her role in embedding Effective communication skills in English and Punjabi language proficiency.

Manju Lata 

Manju Lata has been mentoring for the past 31 years working in different Govt. schools of Arunachal Pradesh. Always have tried to help poor and downtrodden children by providing free books and paying their school fees.

Being a Yoga Practitioner has demonstrated Yoga at various places. She is ” Patron of Matri Bharati ” a women organization of Vidya Bharati. Besides this, loves to write poems, stories, and quotes.

She is a proud recipient of the BEST TEACHER AWARD from her school administration was honored with STATE TEACHER AWARD by Govt. Of Arunachal Pradesh.

Saniya Marfani 

Saniya Marfani: Excellence In Academics | Exemplary Academic Leader Of 2021
RNTalks Felicitates Mentors On Its Platform: Saniya Marfani: Excellence In Academics | Exemplary Academic Leader Of 2021

Saniya Marfani is an Educator, trainer, content developer, aspiring entrepreneur and runs her own coaching classes named ‘Intellect Classes’.

She is also working as a live-mentoring educator @ Unacademy; IGCSE and PGT teacher @Ultimate Exam Cracker Institute, Bangalore. She is a gold medalist in B. Sc. Chemistry.

She has three years of teaching experience and helped the students to excel in their board exams. This year she has also started mentoring students for the various entrance exams – NEET and JEE through her YouTube channel (Intellect Classes).

Aparna Sharma

Aparna Sharma is a result-oriented professional with over 17+ years of rich & extensive experience in General Administration, Teaching, Educational Assessment, Classroom Presentation, and Student Relations.

Experienced Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the e-learning industry. Skilled in E-Learning, Designing and Developing innovative teaching-learning methods, Public Speaking, Teacher Training, and Research.

Trained and experienced Special Educator, passionately involved and working for the betterment, enhancement, and enrichment of the lives of CWSN (Children with Special Needs).

She is a strong consulting professional Gold Medalist in M.Sc. (Family Resource Management) from J.D.Birla Institute of Home Science, Jadavpur University.

Kavita Bardia 

She firmly believes —-   A strong woman understands that gifts such as logic, decisiveness, and strength are just as feminine as intuition and emotional connection. 

Kavita Bardia is MBA in marketing. Fashion Designer  Celebrity Saree Drapist & Saree stylist. She knows 200 plus styles of draping saree. She fondly calls herself “SAREEDRAPENURE”.

She is a food blogger and an NLP Practitioner & International Trainer & Coach from ILA Bangalore. She is a Life, Relationship, parenting Coach, and Trainer. 

Atamjeet Kaur

Atamjeet Kaur is a Motivational speaker, brainpower trainer, writer, anchor, social activist, world record holder, theatre artist, poet, and mathematics teacher,

Mukesh Bhatnagar

Mr. Mukesh Bhatnagar is a Creative Writer, Visual Story Teller, Author, Editor (Varta – a monthly social magazine). He has authored 4 books so far.

He is also the Sr Vice President of Heritage India and General Secretary of Apna Parivarot only this he is the Founder Secretary of MS Talks India and Director Delhi NCR: Navyug Each One Teach One Foundation.

Sangeeta Kabra

Meet Sangeeta Kabra, ICF Certified International Holistic Life Coach & Leadership Coach, Motivational Speaker, Radio Counsellor, and an entrepreneur. 

As a Holistic wellness coach, she helps people of all ages in attaining happy mental health, counseling, and mentoring through her brand ‘ Perfect U’. She believes that to meet our goals in life and to reach a perfect state of mind, a guru, friend, or mentor can help you.

As a wellness coach, she has been rewarded several times Nationally and Internationally for her contribution to society. On International Women’s Day 21, she was honored with sh-heroes recognition by the WomenEra Organisation.

Many institutions have conferred recognition and commendations for her contribution as a Holistic Life Coach and NLP Coach. She is also associated with CHILDLINE 1098 Greater Noida as a child mentor.

It is very important for any wellness or holistic coach to be qualified and flavored with learnings. She advises everyone to always keep a positive mindset. A life coach wishes to strike out a perfect balance in life for people seeking help and that is what inspired Sangeeta Kabra to initiate her brand ‘PerfectU’. 

Yati Puniya

She is a Kathak Dancer and tutor. She has completed her Kathak Visharad from Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Mandal, Mumbai, in 2015. She has mastered Kathak Bhooshan and Kathak Prabhakar from Sangeet Vibhageey Pareekshayein, Rajasthan, Bikaner.

Besides being a dancer, she is a beauty with brains and is M.Sc. Physics. For Yati, dance is not only a means of fitness or health, but for her, dance is a way to express her feelings, understanding nature, knowing others’ emotions, exploring various dimensions of self, finding relations with music in general, and getting in sync with nature. 

Dr. Nidhi Sharma

She has taught English from school to college. Eventually, she shifted from teaching to counseling. She started working as a psychologist and a psychotherapist too.

All the while she was also working with the special needs children and their parents. She has been following her passion for the past two decades now.

Dr. V. J. Nagesh

Dr. V. J. Nagesh is a corporate educational professional with 25 years of experience in the education sector. 

He is Ph. D ( Physics)  and D. Litt.  ( education).  He had two hon doctorates in education also. He is a prolific thinker,  practitioner,  Dynamic researcher,  path-breaking,  free Lance corporate trainer,  orator,  career counselor, and motivational speaker.

He has 57 international and national awards, 5-lifetime achievement awards. He is CEO of the Academic Centre of Excellence ( ACE), and also Director and Principal of Takshshilaa International School.

Usha Vardhan Sharma

Usha Vardhan Sharma Exemplary Academic Leader Of 2021 - Excellence In Academics (1)
RNTalks Felicitates Mentors On Its Platform: Usha Vardhan Sharma Exemplary Academic Leader Of 2021 – Excellence In Academics

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