10 Stories That Prove Failure Is The Stepping Stone To Success

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10 Stories That Prove Failure Is The Stepping Stone To Success

10 Stories That Prove Failure Is The Stepping Stone To Success
10 Stories That Prove Failure Is The Stepping Stone To Success

Through interviews conducted with successful people, we share with you real-life inspirational stories of success where individuals from all professions of life share their stories with us.

What is the characteristic shared between successful people and what incites them to make tiny steps to the goal? Once the purpose is achieved, do they proceed in the same direction or start something entirely different?

If in case, it does not happen, and we are not successful, then we get frustrated and finally get deeper inside the darkness and suffer from an inferiority complex.

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Such a situation has been noticed amongst people where regular and dedicated efforts were ignored and mostly the failures were entertained.

There are several such examples globally where most of the iconic celebrities have previously faced severe failures in their life’s struggles.

Yet, they proceeded on their ways to success and finally achieved massive victory in their realms of expertise.

No caste, creed, religion or colour could ever stop them or get in their way towards success.

Read below the stories of 10 best successful failures…

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs has been known globally as an iconic representation for the establishment of Apple.

Nonetheless, it is remarkably surprising to comprehend that the $2 billion company with over 4000 employees has been started with only two personalities in a garage.

It is also to be understood that this great establisher had been dismissed from the very company from where he has started his career.

Furthermore, realizing his potential and capabilities, Steve Jobs proceeded further towards establishing this biggest company which is famously known as ‘Apple’.

Bill Gates

It was very crucial for Bill gates to learn the lessons of failure in relation to celebrating the joy of success.

This renowned entrepreneur who has the onus of establishing Microsoft-the most influential software company is a dropout from Harvard.

Also, he has been known for his self-owned business figure known as Traf-O-Data, which was one of the most significant failures in history.

The entire property of Bill Gates vanished, and unfortunately, even the education could also not get completed.

But, the intense desire and the craze for the computer programming based stuff drove him to build the biggest software company with the brand name ‘Microsoft’.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was a well-known scientist and exceptional genius personality recognized by everyone over the world due to his grand inventions and contributions towards science.

He cited that success is a failure in progress, and someone who has never failed can never indeed be a successful person.

Throughout childhood, he experienced consecutive defeats. He could not even speak fluently till the age of nine years, following which he was expelled from the school.

Besides, his admission to Zurich Polytechnic School was also not granted. But, eventually, he led to the way to success consistently, he established himself as a notable jewel in the ocean of science and technology and ultimately won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921.

Abraham Lincoln

This great celebrity was the ex-president of the USA and had suffered from huge setbacks for many years. Lincoln failed in his business venture in the year 1831.

In the year 1836, he suffered a major nervous breakdown. After struggling consistently for years, he again failed in 1856 during US Presidential elections.

Fighting and striving continuously, he was elected as the 16th President of the USA in 1861 and went on to lead his way of life.


J.K.Rowling is the famous author of the most popular book ‘Harry Potter’ who has declared concerning her failures during a speech ceremony initiated at Harvard.

There she affirmed about her shattered marriage life with an entire life in front of her. She was lonely with a jobless situation on her hands.

She was stuck in a difficult situation without a life partner and a job to sustain compelled her to start a new life as an author.

Her creativity and dynamism finally led her to the zenith of success.

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Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is one of the most celebrated and distinguished basketball players in sports history.

He had a short-height early during childhood due to which he frequently used to get rejected during the selection processes.

After growing up he started playing like a basketball player, he even failed to hit over nine thousand shots and eventually lost over three hundred matches for twenty-six times.

He got frustrated, but his commitment and persistence paved his way towards success.

Walt Disney

Walt Disney is known as one of the legendary cartoonist and originator of famous cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy etc.

He also bombed several times in his life. His futile attempt to join armed forces eventually forced him to drop out of the schools and abandon his further studies.

His enterprise Laugh-O-Gram Studios also went bankrupt and ultimately, he joined a newspaper agency named Missouri Newspaper. He was fired from there for not being imaginative enough as per the expectations and rest is history.

Vincent Van Gogh

This famous personality has been known world over as an example of the most celebrated painter and artist along with a world-renowned figure in world history.

Nevertheless, due to continuous defeats and setbacks such as mental illness and inappropriate bonding in the relationships pushed him to commit suicide at an untimely age of merely 37 years.

During his entire life , he could sell only one painting which revolutionized him in the world of art and paintings which is alive to date.

Stephen King

The bearer of this name is recognized as the most renowned author all over the world. However, he met numerous misfortunes and failures during his life.

His childhood was spent under the dark shadow of poverty, with added setbacks of getting under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

But, finally, he concentrated on his writing and professionalized it by developing various new writing styles simultaneously with new copyrighting mechanisms as well.

Steven Spielberg

This great filmmaker has won countless records and awards for his contribution towards best film making. He has also undergone several defeats in his life.

Spielberg was not able to get higher grades in examination in the school during childhood. Following which he was suspended three times from the University of Southern California.

He followed his passion, and with dedication, he went on to create unique movies and subsequently won three Oscar awards and made a total of fifty-one great films.


Success always moves ahead of the silly excuses and places itself ahead than the created misunderstandings.

It is never bordered on religious ethics and not at all dependent on any specific religions, including Hindu, Muslim, Christianity, etc.

Success is the result of crucial perception and concentration while moving ahead in the path of performances.

The success story of all the ten world-renowned personalities is enough to build an enduring potential towards approaching the goal of success.

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