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House always symbolizes the proverb
“Unity in diversity “
Though different characters live inside
But all live unitedly
House flows with love and emotions, where
Divinity flows with big – big waves of punctuality
The aura of such houses always sparks brightly
But if the houses happen to remain aloof
It always longs for someone to come
Because the house is always ready to spread positivity.
– Manju Lata

O, Traveler! I stand alone, a beautiful shamble
Witnessing nomads, wanderers and tourists.
Home to treasures and memories galore.
A blur that breathes, unknown to others.
A heralder of fears, a cortege of souls passed away
A house of symbols, cryptic and covered with the dust of time.
I smell of silence and mystery.
Standing and weathering the vagaries of time,
People come and go, but I stand.
I am a testament to a graceful, royal life of abundance and a bellyful of tears.
I am all this and then some more.
I am home sweet home.
A place where your feet may leave, but your heart resides forever.
– Swetha Sundar

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