Life surprises those who

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Life Surprises Those Who, The Gain You Feel Today Is

The pain you feel today is to prepare you
For the struggles of tomorrow.
No pain, no gain is the truth and we can’t appreciate
Happiness without experiencing sorrow.
— Swetha Sundar

The pain you feel today will be
The strength you will feel tomorrow
Painful the journey more sweeter the outcome
— Davneet Singh Thapar

The pain you feel today is …..
Preparing you for better future,
Better you and better life ahead….
— Bela Mohan

My heart feels lighter when I unburden my worries to the Almighty.
I pray to Him to give me strength and resilience and to always have faith in my piety.
A heavy heart feels heavier when there is no room for love and hope in it.
So to lighten your burdens in life, face them not with a frown but with an armour of laughter and wit.
— Swetha Sundar

My heart feels lighter when –
I feel compassion and love for others.
I care for others.
I am true to my self.
— Bela Mohan

My heart feels lighter when
I see happiness on those poor faces
From my little helps provided to them.
— Manju Lata

Life surprises those who are willing to be surprised.
For life itself is a gift to be cherished, so unique and nice.
Sorrows and happiness are all important, variety is the spice.
Life is a game and we play with a positive attitude and roll of dice.
— Swetha Sundar

Life surprises those who
Life surprises those who

Life surprises those who are willing to have them.
Who are just in the mode of giving
All love, trust and respect to the planet.
So just be ready to receive.
— Madhu Khare

The morning sunrays always spread positivity
By spreading its rainbow colours in the sky
When its reflection falls into the ocean, rivers
Its beautiness dumbstrucks everyone
In and around the world , hither and tither.
— Manju Lata

Colours of nature are so vivid
Many hues to satisfy the interests of the adventurous and the inspid.
Each colour and facet of nature has a charm of it’s own
And makes us want to gaze in surrender.
How many colours are there in God’s palette and
How he has mixed them magically, we wonder.
— Swetha Sundar

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