My Relationship With Writing | Thinking Becomes Easy When: Assorted Poetry 4

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My Relationship With Writing | Thinking Becomes Easy When: Assorted Poetry 4

In the ‘exciting’ pre-teen life
Going to school
Games are life
We find ourselves again between
The races that we people made
Leaving childhood behind
I run and compromise
Success is something that I need to find
In the rush of life
Of the working hours
9 to 5 that’s how most of us are
In the race of people
We can leave behind only
Traces of u and I
We will be known for our work
Our names will disappear
People run behind success
By the end of life
We r left chasing time
One that we spent on winning races
of corporate jobs
And toppers on board
We left behind pieces of life
Some memories
Some familiar voice
People whom I call family
Memories that fill my album
Remain with me for so less
And that’s how
I lose the race of life
-Nitya Nagpal (Pratibha Ahuja Nagpal)

Time rewards those
Who are laborious and crazy
Never cares day or night
But keeps on working like
a true devotee
That’s why their
Hard work never goes in vain.
-Manju Lata

My relationship with writing is like
harmony of soul and mind
you are my true friend
always standby my side
I would have been shattered
if we are not together
you are my strength who keeps me
alive and give reasons to smile
could express my thoughts
and could spread words
on the wall of my soul
you filled my emptiness
I am nothing without you
you are like a friend
in need is a friend indeed….
-Pratibha Ahuja Nagpal

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