poetry prompts: If I stop comparing myself with others | A moment that lives in my head |

The greatest wealth in the world is our family and the love we get from our dear ones.
This wealth never depletes, multiplies on sharing and is something we can always bank on. It is most precious, cannot be robbed and is like a safety blanket which cocoons us against all harm
– Swetha Sundar

The greatest wealth in the world is
Our health, right thinking and
The confidence level which
Always boosts up our energy and lifestyle.
– Manju Lata

Mom, you are an enigma, a paradox of sorts, so gentle yet so strong.
You ace the presentations in the office, come home, cook and put us to sleep with a song.
You fulfill our every desire, soothe us out of pain and give us guidance when we ask.
It seems you can do even the ” impossible” you are a supermom, the master of every task.
– Swetha Sundar

A moment that lives in my head
And follows me everywhere
Is the teaching of my mother
Be honest, even if no one is watching
– Mukesh Bhatnagar

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