An Echo Murmured Back | When I See A Leaf Falling | The Films Of The Candle |

An Echo Murmured Back | When I See A Leaf Falling  | The Films Of The Candle | When No One Waits For Me

I was trapped
In the midst
of my family problems
Restless days and nights
I was going through
Suddenly an echo murmured back,
a voice
Whispered in my ears…
Be patient,
remember the words of Krishna
Come out of the longings,
Affection and crazy
love for the dear ones
Be practical,
follow the worldly ways,
leave the traps,
the greed of the world
Then only you will be free
From the traps and trenches of life.
-Manju Lata

When I see a leaf falling from a tree…
I just believe it was meant to be!
To wither despair n fill in hopes full of glee …
U gotcha let go of the broken, set yourself burden-free
To be able to bloom again, and mend within thee!

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