Person who always thinks

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Person who always thinks

Definition of life changed when I woke up one fine morning-
And realized that I was alone in this world even though the room was full!
I realized that the power to change came from within me and not outside-
And I knew that God also was within me and towards him/ her I felt a genuine pull!
– Debarati Basu

Definition of life changed
When I saw a life suffering
In the midst of a park, full of people
But unnoticed, neglected, and uncared
It was a canine with a big tumour in its stomach
I took it home and then a transformation came in me
From a damn care character to a much caring for the sufferers.
– Manju Lata

The Sun shall shine brighter after the storm is over,
Trust Me! The wait is worth, stay firm go nowhere!
The Waves would Calm and no more roar,
Witness the Blue Sea kiss the shore!
Blossoms of Hopes in leaps and bounds you’d Harvest,
Gather the clutter within, as you gaze the rustic red sunset!
Let not the bygones haunt your Now,
Sow some compassion, focus and love!
One can moarn but not laugh alone,
Thrive a little extra to grace the throne!
Pile no envy, Be your own benchmark …
Be that Ray of light and no storm will appear so dark!
– Shwetha Jain

Once the storm is over, never turn back again
Take the lesson, bring new transformation
Move to the next phase of life with new ideas and motivations
Life will reward you handsomely.
– Manju Lata

Once the storm is over and the dust and rain settles,
We see the actual picture of the devastation-
But what we do not see is how this storm has helped us,
To water the ground and make it fertile and similarly dampen our mind and make us receptive to new ideas.
– Debarati Basu

Be like a river, wide and open
Keep on flowing, though the hurdles come on your way
Never look back, neither think for the results
Your targeted goal will take you higher and higher in life.
– Manju Lata

Freedom to do what you want is a basic instinct-
It’s a quality seen in any living being- very distinct!
Freedom is life’s choice-
If subjugated, humans can voice
Their resentment, till they are free!
– Debarati Basu

Never destroy nature
It gives a chance to express yourself
Enjoy the greenery
Enjoy the rhythm of life.
– Manju Lata

My own mistakes taught me
To use the wisdom at proper time
And in a proper way
But with full dignity and smart decisions
— Manju Lata

Your Best Teacher is your own mistakes,
No matter how many, there’s still room for retakes!
People gonna speak… and let ’em say,
They Pull, they drag, they mock, they knock and it’s okay!
Often U seem to be lost,
at times haunts U the ghost..
U fall, U rise, U fear, U shiver ….
Befriends with grind and toil and U quit never!
U gonna not only have “Your Time”…
History’s gonna ink your name, indeed an Era to shine!
Wake–Up, Dab a lil Make–Up,
Flaunt the Best of You!
look into the mirror and just say “I love You!”
— Shwetha Jain

My own mistakes taught me
That I am not perfect at all
It also taught me to respect people,
Who proudly stands up again after a fall!
Mistakes are teachers that helped me to rectify my failures-
Whether I take a lesson from them or ignore them is a decision that I have to take alone.
— Debarati Basu

As the old are the pillars of our culture and tradition
They should be given due regard
Their positive aura will help us
To grow and rise better.
— Manju Lata

My own mistakes taught me
To reboot and Restart once again.
— Harminder kaur

Never argue with anyone
Argument makes the situation bitter
Rather show your wit and wisdom,
Your positive thought and ……
Beautiful smile can handle the situation wisely.
— Manju Lata

The great stories are meant to inspire all,
The morals they provide help us to stand again if we fall!
— Debarati Basu

The more you talk
The less you work-
The less you speak,
You have time to think-
What is right or what is wrong
So that you act sensible and strong.
— Debarati Basu

Some serious issues could be solved
Only by gentle talks
The more you talk,
The more rapidly, things become easy.
— Manju Lata

The more you talk, the less you act.
Action speaks louder than the words.
— Anshita Dubey

To have a calm mind,
is power to win any innings,
and to win god’s blessings.
— Ritu Jain

Person who always thinks
Before doing any kind of work
They always achieve success
As their work are always well planned
— Manju Lata

A surprise is what …just a miracle
Sometimes it comes unexpected
From such….which is never expected
It seems to be a magic
Which the life has given just for entertainment
And a lesson to remain active, alert in life
— Manju Lata

Silence hurts when many words
get shuck on my tongue
and it shakes me to my core of heart.
— Ritu Jain

Silence hurts when you keep on hurting yourself
Neither you express nor tell your feelings to anyone.
— Manju Lata

Silence hurts when many words
get shuck on my tongue
and it shakes me to my core of heart
— Ritu Jain

November is ending and yet
No sign of cold
Climate is too moderate
December is about to come
With the arrival of December
All echoes of year slowly and gradually
Comes to an end.
— Manju Lata

The more simple you keep your life
The more you can enjoy it!
Complications make you more confused
All the time you have to solve puzzles, for goals to meet!
— Debarati Basu

Every Dad is special, but Mine is One of a kind!!
Such is my Dad…
Hey! I bet, you gonna envy us…
For we’ve gotcha One-in-a-Million DAD!!!
Glides us into a Trance, his love of showering on us, all that he has n had!!
Such is my Dad!!
Silvery sparkles shun in my eyes,
When with Him..null and void is the worldly glimpses of gold.
With all his Blood-might-n -sweat, around my arms is ever His tightest hold.
Such is my Dad, my Hero!!
On every step of our way_ echoes His wisdom whispers.
Unknowingly, His teeny-weeny ways..glazed our lives with lessons of Hopes and Glisters.
Such is my Dad, my Hero !!
Not a single penny in his pocket, Times also Ditched Him..yet- Rock Solid He Rose up, became His Own Ladder.
Together we stand proud besides Him, as Nothing around the Universe can Shake His Spirits and make Him shatter.
Such is my Dad, my Hero!!
Thou wud have limped in Despair, nevertheless, made Us believe to be His Angels, showed us the Sky, and gave us the Wings.
Selfless, Humbled, and Pure, as Devine as the Temple Bell Rings.
Such is my Dad,my Hero!!
He putforth us, and kept Himself last in His priority check, soared us Up and High on His Tireless Shoulder.
He said Us-Beta… Life in itself is a Struggle,
Go be a Go-Getter, fight like a True-Soldier!!
Such is my Dad, my Hero!!
Miss u papa to the core!!
— Shwetha Jain

It might look easy, but it is very difficult to smile-
When you are facing adversity!
But the power of that smile makes you stronger, so don’t underestimate its ability!
— Debarati Basu

Smile from the bottom of your heart
Though is difficult but you can do
It must look easy but sometimes it seems difficult
But your adamancy can make everything easy.
— Manju Lata

If you get the right ones,
Grab and utilize them,
If you let go opportunities for the right ones,
You will be wishing for past ones, once more…
— Pooja Agarwal

The day you stop proceeding
The day you stop trying
The day you stop thinking
Life will become hell
As everything will become stagnant
Darkness will prevail around you.
— Manju Lata

The day you stop being scared
Is the day no one else will dare,
To belittle you anywhere.
— Debarati Basu

If you get the right ones then friends are no less than treasures-
No amount of riches will be able to replace them or equalize them in any measure!
— Debarati Basu

If you get the right ones
Honour him from the core of your heart
Love him, give the best
In return you will find that
Which you never had expected before.
— Manju Lata

The way you look at the world shows your attitude-
A pessimist will say it is difficult place, but an optimist, when faced with difficulties, will start anew!
— Debarati Basu

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