Rakshabandhan Quotes and Poetry in English

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Rakshabandhan Quotes And Poetry in English

Rakshabandhan….festival of pious relationship
Not only between brothers and sisters
But a relationship of maintaining brotherhood
In the society and the countries
Its thread has such a divine power
Which can remove the malice
From the hearts forever.
– Manju Lata

Rakshabandhan is not a formality but it’s an emotion…it predicts emotional bond between a brother n sister….many people just take it as a festival and do a formality of tying rakhi but never follow what it actually meant to be…but if a brother and sister truly want to celebrate it, then it should be from heart and not just a formality…a brother should be protective for his sister and protect her from all the evil people.. and girl too should possess understanding with her brother…and if she truly feels insecure, she should share her feelings with her brother… and it’s not that sisters can’t be protective… they too should protect their brothers from all the evils… and that is what a true bond of brother and sister is.
– Simi Kapoor Kataria

A thread that is sacred and pious, symbolizing love.
A sign of filial affection and protection sanctioned from above.
No other relationship is as unique and dear as that of sister and brother.
Rakshabandhan is a promise of love, protection, and happiness – till eternity together.
– Swetha Sundar

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