Fathers Day Poetry In English

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Fathers Day Poetry In English

When I bumped my head
Or scratched my knee
It was my father who came running to me
Though behaved rudely, shouted at me
But even though I feel secured under his arms
He rushed me to the hospital
With folded hands prayed to the doctor
To cure me as soon as possible.
-Manju Lata

When I bumped my head or scratched my knee
I realized I was going wrong
I felt the pain and accepted the hurt
It made me grow into who I am meant to be!!
-Pooja Dixit

Fathers Day Poetry In English
Fathers Day Poetry In English | When I Bumped My Head Or Scratched My Knee | You Lighten Up My Day With Your Smile | The shoes of an ideal Father

When I bumped my head or scratched my knee,
Papa, I always felt your presence watching over me.
You stood like a silent angle guiding me throughout
Even though you were long gone from this realm
But your love was never wrapped in a shroud.
-Ranjeeta Nath Ghai

When I bumped my head or scratched my knee,
I just got up with the new Vigour and a new spirit
For I learnt how to overcome obstacles coming in my life and so also how to avoid all the negativities beautifully and move ahead with full Josh.
After all, these are the teachings of my great father.
-Madhu Khare

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