How Self-Motivated Are You

Quiz: How Self-Motivated Are You?

Quiz How Self-Motivated Are You
How Self-Motivated Are You

How Self-Motivated Are You in taking Charge of Your Goals and Achievements? How motivated are you to attain your goals?

Are you motivated to accomplish what you desire in life? And how vigorously do you push yourself to get things you want to be done?

Desiring to do something and propelling yourself to do it are two contradictory things. So, what’s the difference between those people who never reach their goals?

Some people can’t do it year after another, and there are others who achieve one goal after another? Often, it’s their self-motivation.

So, how self-motivated are you? 

We’ve assembled a quick quiz to give you a better perception of how self-motivated you are.

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Are you unsure of your ability to achieve the goals you set for yourself?

Quiz How Self-Motivated Are You

Do you reward your SELF to keep yourself focused? For example, if you finish your report on time, you allow yourself self to take a coffee break.

How Self-Motivated Are You

Do you believe that if you work hard and apply your abilities and talents, you will be successful?

How Self-Motivated Are You

Do you think positively about setting goals and making sure your needs are met?

How Self-Motivated Are You

When working on your goals, do you put in maximum effort and work even harder if you've suffered a setback?

Quiz How Self-Motivated Are You

Do you regularly set goals and objectives to achieve your vision for your life?

How Self-Motivated Are You

Do you worry about deadlines and getting things done, which causes stress and anxiety?

How Self-Motivated Are You

When an unexpected event threatens or jeopardizes your goal, do you walk away, set a different goal, and move in a new direction?

How Self-Motivated Are You

When you come up with a really good idea, are you surprised by your creativity and think that it is your lucky day, and caution yourself not to get used to the feeling?

How Self-Motivated Are You

Do you tend to do the minimum amount of work necessary to keep your boss and your team satisfied?

How Self-Motivated Are You

Do you tend to worry about why you won't reach your goals, and often focus on why something probably won't work?

How Self-Motivated Are You

Do you create a vivid and powerful vision of your future success before embarking on a new goal?

How Self-Motivated Are You

How Self-Motivated Are You?
Your Score is between 12-27

How Self-Motivated Are You

You allow your personal doubts and fears to keep you from succeeding. You've probably had a few incomplete goals in the past, so you may have convinced yourself that you aren't self-motivated - and then you've made that come true. Break this harmful pattern now, and start believing in yourself again.
Your Score is between 28-43

Quiz How Self-Motivated Are You

You're doing OK on self-motivation. You're certainly not failing - however, you could achieve much more. To achieve what you want, try to increase the motivation factors in all areas of your life.
Your Score is between 44-60

Quiz How Self-Motivated Are You

Wonderful! You get things done, and you don't let anything stand in your way. You make a conscious effort to stay self-motivated, and you spend significant time and effort on setting goals and acting to achieve those goals. You attract and inspire others with your success. Treasure this - and be aware that not everyone is as self-motivated as you are!

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Self-motivation is the energy that keeps propelling us to go on – it’s our inherent ambition to develop, produce, achieve, and keep moving ahead.

When you think you’re eager to discontinue something, or you don’t know how to begin, your self-motivation is what propels you to go on.

With self-motivation, you’ll discover and develop – regardless of the particular situation. That’s why it’s such an essential tool for achieving your goals, accomplishing your aspirations, and winning, in this journey of life.

After the quiz, we’ll evaluate some particular tips for promoting your self-motivation, so that you can accomplish still more in your life.

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