Are You Displaying Masculine Or Feminine Energy In Your Relationship-Quiz

Are You Displaying Masculine Or Feminine Energy In Your Relationship-Quiz

Are you carrying Masculine or Feminine energy in your relationship

Commonly speaking, the masculine energy pushes toward a mission and looks to probe a problem and resolve it.

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While, feminine energy values connection and wants to relate with a partner by sharing a problem, I’ve been fascinated by human behaviour and human psychology for as long as I can recollect.

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There’s something regarding comprehending “why we do what we do” that can hold me up for hours (presumably because it’s just an unfathomable pit of learning and insight.)

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So it’s no astonishment one of my favourite distractions was, and still is, analyzing the world of relationships.

While it is customary to correlate men with “the masculine” and women with “the feminine,” it’s essential to note that these energies are not necessarily gender-specific, nor do they dictate sexuality.

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We all embody both masculine and feminine energies, but will usually have a dominant or “core energy.”

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Ideally, this is the energy from where you require to operate.

The answer is to understand how these energies are expressed and how they complement each other to produce polarity because that is where the magic transpires!

How Masculine and Feminine Energies Impact Relationships

Are You Displaying Masculine Or Feminine Energy In Your Relationship-Quiz

Welcoming the stability of masculine and feminine in ourselves, and our partner can help pull suitable people and lead to more passionate relationships.

What generates passion and magnetism between two people?

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Many relationship experts explore how physical desire in a relationship emerges from the polarity of the feminine and masculine energies amid two people—the more opposed the two energies, the more powerful the attraction.

Understanding the balance of these two energies can assist build attraction and retain the passion alive in relationships.

Understanding Polarity: Masculine vs. Feminine

Are You Displaying Masculine Or Feminine Energy In Your Relationship-Quiz

While the situations that we have in common draw us together, the polarity between two personalities, the contrast between the masculine and feminine energies, ignites the passion.

This polarity relates to that powerful physical attraction amid two people, and the more opposed those energies, the more powerful will be the attraction in the relationship.

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But first, what do each of those characteristics mean, masculine and feminine?

Ordinarily speaking, the masculine energy propels toward a mission and seeks to analyze a problem and resolve it.

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In contrast, feminine energy values relationships and wants to relate with a partner by sharing a problem.

Masking Our Core Energy

Are You Displaying Masculine Or Feminine Energy In Your Relationship-Quiz

When discoursing about feminine and masculine energies, it doesn’t mean gender.

All of us have an amalgam of masculine and feminine energies. Although we might have a mix of both, some personalities usually possess either a more powerful feminine or masculine energy.

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Still, life experiences like our anxiety of not scaling up or not being cherished can greatly influence us in a way that drives us to suppress our true energy with “masks.”

For instance, let’s assume a girl has a naturally potent feminine energy at birth.

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Growing up, her mother trains her to devise a masculine mask so that she never becomes too reliant on a man.

Meanwhile, her father acts dominantly to make her feel stronger, further promoting a masculine mask.

As a woman, she has loses touch with the original balance of feminine and masculine energies.

This restricts her not only from being herself but also from displaying her authentic self to her spouse or partner.

Restoring Balance

Are You Displaying Masculine Or Feminine Energy In Your Relationship-Quiz

Countless couples, over time, lose passion in their relationship.

This transpires when partners no longer have the play of masculine and feminine energies among them.

If someone with feminine energy scrutinizes a masculine person’s conflict with their direction in life, it may kill the polarity among them instantly.

Meanwhile, a feminine person may withdraw when reprimanded for looking tired, making them feel unloved and less vivacious.

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As David Deida puts it, “Never tell a man with a masculine sexual essence that he is wrong, and never tell a woman with a feminine sexual essence that she is ugly.”

Reconstructing passion involves nurturing the masculine and feminine characteristics in yourself.

If in a relationship, this can assist rekindle excitement and desire, or if single, draw someone unique and interesting.

The realization of this delicate balance will permit you to be your true self while also embracing your partner’s authenticity.

Take this Quiz and check Are You Displaying Masculine Or Feminine Energy In Your Relationship?


You Would Rather Be Described As...

In The Bedroom...

When Taking Care Of A Task...

When Faced With A Problem...

In Terms Of Your Future...

The Type Of Partner You Prefer Is...

It Would Hurt You More If Your Partner Said...


You Feel Best When Your Partner...

During Lunch With Friends...

Your Best Friend Presents You A Gift Voucher For Dinner For No Reason...

When You Want To Workout...

You're Interested In Someone and Are Keen To Get To Know Them Better...

Going On A Holiday With Your Partner You...

When You're In A Store And You Can't Find Something...

Are You Displaying Masculine Or Feminine Energy In Your Relationship?
You Are Carrying Predominantly Masculine Energy

Masculine energy focuses on one thing at a time and is solution oriented when problems arise. It is about doing rather than being, thinking rather than feeling, hunting, protecting, making things happen and taking the lead or controlling a situation. Masculine energy is competitive, likes to win as an individual and enjoys feeling appreciated, needed or respected for what they do. The masculine energy is naturally drawn to the feminine and craves the softness that allows for them to open their heart & connect emotionally. When under stress, the masculine energy can take on a feminine mask – particularly when they feel criticised, controlled or emasculated. This can alternatively prompt them to shut down and retreat, which repels the attraction of a feminine woman. If you are a woman carrying a high level of masculine energy, you will find it challenging to attract and hold the love of a masculine man, and instead will be more inclined to draw the attention of a man in his feminine energy who looks to you to lead the relationship.
You Have Balanced Masculine & Feminine Energy

You are able to step into both Masculine & Feminine energy fairly easily. This will help you in the workplace or in situations where you may need to interact with both men and women. In relationships, you would benefit from being able to tune more into your feminine energy to bring out the best in a masculine man.
You Are Carrying Predominantly Feminine Energy

Feminine energy is about taking in lots of things all at once. While the masculine energy focuses on one thing at a time, feminine energy is continually multi-tasking and processing everything at once. While the masculine energy is about performance and logical inclination, the feminine is about being with emotional strength. When the feminine recognises a problem, they are drawn to sharing and connecting to resolve. The feminine energy is nurturing, understanding, intuitive and feeling, with a strong desire to feel wanted, pursued, cherished, honoured and protected. The feminine energy requires to be acknowledged, heard and understood – where they believe their escort has compassion for what they are passing through. The feminine also needs to feel safe and protected – which allows them to be vulnerable and receive. When under stress, the feminine energy can take on a masculine mask –particularly when they feel unsafe, not desired or not understood. This can cause them to complain and take control – which repels the attraction of a masculine man. If you are a lady carrying Feminine energy, you are more prone to attract a masculine energy man.

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