Pooja Taneja on Lockdown

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Inspirational Success Story Emerges During Lockdown

Inspirational Success Story Emerges During Lockdown
Inspirational Success Story Emerges During Lockdown

Meet Pooja Taneja. As a young, open-minded, and dramatic teen, she always wanted to be an actress. She is greatly inspired by legendary actress Shri Devi but as any other girl and circumstances would have it, she became a teacher.

Pooja Taneja is a creative person to the core. She is an excellent homemaker, poet, friend, and mentor.

A person for whom commitment towards her work has always been more important than anything.

She loves her job and her work as it gives her an opportunity to showcase her creativity.

Music has always been her favourite leisure activity. She loves to sing and dance.

From living in fashion trends to understanding responsibility, life happened, and she graduated into womanhood.

Pooja loves to just stay at home and not much of a travel person. After her retirement, she plans to write and publish her own book. She has studied philosophy and has a good hand in writing too.

She has big dreams and expectations from her daughter as she can see the young version of herself in her.

In her career, she has come across many barricades, people, criticism but in the end, Pooja believes that we have to go through it ourselves and make our way to the spotlight and come out with flying colors.

My life has been tough but I believe in me and my beloved people. I believe that in the end, we will get what we deserve.

Pooja Taneja

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