Harness The Positivity Of The Universe

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Harness The Positivity Of The Universe
Harness The Positivity Of The Universe

Born into an army background, Meenu Minocha prides herself on having had a gypsy education, changing almost ten schools hanging onto the army bandwagon and has harnessed the positivity of the Universe.

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That is what has helped her to broaden her outlook and be a flexible part of society.

Marriage in 1982 took her into a business, joint family, widening her experience even more.

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Adjustments became an integral part of life as she focussed on bringing up two daughters in a style alien to the family. Both now work in the corporate sector and are well settled in life.

Along the way, in fact, after turning forty, she decided life had more to offer than just the hearth.

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As a result, she stepped out of the house into her first job as an English trainer with a reputed language school.

Later she got introduced to the practices of meditation and healing, delineating a totally new life path for her.

With the help of various modalities like Reiki, Bach flower remedies, Past life Regression Meenu Minocha is able to bring a shift of energies in people’s lives.

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Working in the field of holistic healing for almost 15 years now, life has blessed her with variegated experiences, helping her to hone her skills tremendously.

The most amazing thing on this earth is the human mind and the Universe has given her the opportunity to explore it in depth through various healing techniques.

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Thus finding her niche in life, she found herself in the center of the wondrous world of natural healing and this amazing world changed her life completely, taking her on a journey which included learning to heal the self and then reaching out to other agonized souls.

Harness The Positivity Of The Universe
Harness The Positivity Of The Universe

She became a Reiki Grandmaster, Bach flower therapist, Past life Regressionist, a spiritual counselor, most of all a mentor.

All her energies are now directed towards teaching and empowering others to take charge of their lives.

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She has taught students of all ages and from all walks of life. She has written a book on how holistic healing can change even criminals.

Somewhere along the way she also found a talent within her to work on translations and now has three books translated from Hindi to English to her credit, one biography, one on grains, and one on Hindi Urdu Poetry.

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A varied variety indeed!

She is currently working on more translations and also a biography of a renowned poet.

She has written innumerable quotes as well, and has brought out a book too on them, ‘The Sounds of Silence’.

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She also got an opportunity to read her poems at the SAARC literary festival and has been doing so for the past two years and is much appreciated.

For her, every moment is a wonder, filled with potential as she loves to explore different facets of life.

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