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My family is that tree whose branches grow in different directions
though our roots remain as one.
This tree is nurtured by love, affection, and trust and
gives the fruits of lifelong support and success.
The shade given by the family tree protects the family members
from the harsh criticisms and failures.
The family tree has its roots in the soil teaching us to be grounded
but it inspires us to aspire for the skies.
– Swetha Sundar

The Tree Roots that Hold the
Soil so Firm,
Such is ” My Family” that Never lets
Go off My Charm!

Kidding, Nagging, and those
Wisdom Words,
Is as Soothing and Melodious as
The Chirp of the Birds !!

The Unshakable, Huge Branches
like A Mother– full of
Warmth and Shade…
Such is The Chord, with You Besides,
My Smiles Never Fade!

Sour n Sweet Fruits, the Healing Hues
of the Flowers….Reminds me of Your
Unconditional Love, Endlessly
that Fosters !!

We Lose Calm at times, We Fight,
Get Angry and Go Bitter…
Yet Regain Hope as the New Leaves aft’r The Old ones Wither !!

In A Bond so True,One Only’d Rise
Despite Despair n Stress.
Shall Shake Mountains, just to
Be With You. Carefree, would only
Celebrate; Even if the day passes by
With A Meal Less !!

A Tree that is Deeply,Strongly Rooted;
Evergiving and Selfless…
Such Be Each’s Family, May
The Almighty Come down and Bless!!

The Real Essence The Reason to
Live Life Happily!!
I wonder–’ Who & What am I !! ???’
” I ” Am Nothing Without ” My FAM_LY !! “
– Shwetha Jain

My family is that tree
That wilts and blooms
That grows with feud and disputes
Happiness comes to us like springs
Our winter stays a bit longer
But we still blossom
We bend with the wind
And break on our will
My family is that tree
On which the sun sets in
My family is that tree which takes the last ray of sunlight
My family is like 4 different direction
But we still come together
In the compass of life
– Pratibha Ahuja Nagpal

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