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One thing that keeps me going in life is
My only ambition to touch the sky
I don’t want a high-speed or immediate success
I just want to freely fly
– Anita Pathak

Novel is that mirror which shows you your inside as well as your outside.
It is like looking into the open blue skies and seeing the green earth beneath your feet, nothing to cover or hide.
Both the real and the pretentious “you” walk side by side.
Like the moonlight getting mirrored and reflected in the ocean tides.
– Swetha Sundar

One thing that keeps me going in life is when I conquer the world with Love and Trust. We get back what we give. What we sow we reap. Stay vigilant in whatever we do. World is just the same. We are the ones who bring the change as we keep changing. The more we dream and the more we want, we keep discovering more and there is no end to it. The more we have, the greed never stops. Everyone wants to have everything in plenty and never settle for less. It’s good to have the best, it’s good to keep growing, it’s good to be safe saving everything for our better future, but it’s not good to keep everything to ourself. It’s important to share and spread the Love and care for each other’s lives. These days we forget to bring peace in our own hearts and keep disturbing others too. We only have one life to follow the right path or the wrong path. Right path is always difficult to travel on. But the end result is always fruitful. Let’s walk in the best possible difficult path as per our conscious and stay blessed for better eternal life. God bless.
– Moses Collines

One thing that keeps me going in life is
my curiosity and love for reading.
It helps me to know myself better by being content.
Knowledge is definitely power.
– Swetha Sundar

One thing that keeps me going in life is..
lots of happy surprises which awaiting for me
in future surely will enjoyed with my loved ones.
– Veena Garg

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