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One of the things that make me smile is the cute face of a baby whose innocence and zest for life is priceless.
The unbridled joy in its eyes, the rosy glow of its cheeks, and its total dependence on its mom and her sweet caress.
Never fails to make me forget my pain
And look at my life with meaning and beauty again.
— Swetha Sundar

No, neither the beauties of the Nyle
Soothes my Heart nor attracts Me any style.
The only thing that makes me Smile
Is “Being Us”, be it even a sec or for a while!
Li’l chit chats of ‘ours’ are my valuables,
Whispering love is unforgettable.
Breathing u deep to the core,
Craving for ur velvety touch more n more…
Like the waves that long for the land,
Wish someday My “WAIT” comes to an End.
That Day My Soul shall Dance in Madness,
Elixir of Ur Luv wud fade all my Sadness !!
I won’t let Times Seize U Away
from Me,
I believe, even U “Can’t Stay” Away from Me!
Even if it is a lie –Say na! U are Mine,
For a Glance or so let My World to Shine!
— Shwetha Jain

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