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I was missing you
But your absence taught me
To be confident and strong
To be self-reliant and self –dependent.
— Manju Lata

I was missing you but then I remembered that you had taught me to make my presence in this world worthwhile, just like you had done.
You had taught me to seize the day, to help someone who needed me rather than mooning over my losses.
I began living knowing that you are watching me, feeling proud and content.
— Swetha Sundar

Circle of life depicting childhood in adulthood.
This is god’s gift which everyone should be bestowed!!!
— Rama Lavanya Pantula

Grandparents sprinkle stardust over the lives of their little grandchildren.
When the old and new look out of the door,
discipline flies out and wisdom, fun, and experience fly in.
— Swetha Sundar

Anger and laziness are like giving up peace for
sometime and secrets that a failure person keeps!!!
— Rama Lavanya P

Anger and laziness are like slow poison that kills everyone someday. We need to have a mind that is mature enough to accept different situations in life. Situations may be bad and not necessarily be good always. Bad situations will help us become more matured by giving us an opportunity to tackle the difficult times boldly and bravely in a wise way. God can only facilitate and not do things for us. We should have common sense to handle things on our own, only by asking for help from God when we are really helpless. When we do nothing and simply stay lazy and don’t take effort, nothing will work out in our favor. We should take responsibility and initiate things to miracles to happen in our life. Let’s be wise and prepare ourselves to face the best in our life. God bless.
— Moses Collins

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