50+ Life Quotes In English

-Goldy Grover

Thoughts like waves
Come and go but the ocean 
remains unaffected 
like our pure consciousness.
Just let go of everything and relax.
-Madhu Khare

Measuring the depth of the ocean 
is as complex as understanding the emotion,
thoughts and feelings of a mother.
She seems quiet at a time,
In no time her thoughts waive
From a calm soothing wave
to storm in the ocean.
-Keep it simple

Writing is similar to meditation
-Mukesh Bhatnagar

Writing is giving life to nature, 
bringing fascination to day-to-day life,
evoking many emotions in mind and soul
and ultimately enabling
one human to understand another human.
-Ranjana Majumdar

Writing is similar to talking
to someone who silently absorbs
your feelings and you feel relaxed.
-Madhu Khare

Always talk truthfully but be kind,
humble and highlight the quality of others.
Don’t ever involve in politics.
Try to be neutral and unbiased.
-Madhu Khare

Talking in the most appealing way
In the most congenial atmosphere
Always solves even the most critical issues.
-Manju Lata

Have that one friend
with whom u can Talk ur heart out …
Or someday, in pain…
your silences will scream n shout !!
-Shwetha Jain

Nurture, Nourish, Replenish, and
express gratitude to Mother Earth
for her kindness and unconditional love
that she showers on Mankind.
Keep it simple

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