50+ Life Quotes In English

Confession is a soap
that cleans you from inside
Confession to self
Is a ladder to success
Confession to police
proves your guilt
Confession to beloved
makes the relation strong
Confession to parents
gets you blessings
Confession makes you humble
–Mukesh Bhatnagar

It is important in life to know, what is necessary rather than what is interesting”
– Mukesh Bhatnagar

Life is like a kite, the string of which stays in our own hands. It depends upon us whether the kite soars upwards or plummets down. The string should also be coated with powdered glass to keep it untangled representing the skill to keep ourselves free of undesirable elements in life.
– Ranjana Majumdar

The most beautiful present that you can give to your present is financial literacy, this Shall make your present and future shine so bright.
– Akta Sehgal Malhotra

It’s okay to take a break from
All those routined work
Which often brings boredom in the life
Rather we should explore our surroundings
Try to reach the needy
Spread the positivity.
-Manju Lata

Don’t take advantage of a person’s generosity and patience, even gentle waves become hostile in times of turbulence.
-Goldy Grover

Thoughts like waves
Come and go but the ocean remains unaffected 
like our pure consciousness.
Just let go of everything and relax.
-Madhu Khare

Measuring the depth of the ocean 
is as complex as understanding the emotion,
thoughts and feelings of a mother.
She seems quiet at a time,
In no time her thoughts waive
From a calm soothing wave
to storm in the ocean.
Keep it simple

Writing is similar to meditation
-Mukesh Bhatnagar

Writing is giving life to nature, 
bringing fascination to day-to-day life,
evoking many emotions in mind and soul
and ultimately enabling
one human to understand another human.
-Ranjana Majumdar

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