50+ Life Quotes In English

Childhood without a book is like that pebble that keeps on rolling here and there without any purpose. It keeps on getting hit by the time and the world as no proper guidance the childhood gets.
– Manju Lata

Books are the best teachers, companions, and friends. Books and studies make the children’s future bright.
A childhood without books is very gloomy and is like a football match without a goalkeeper.
– Suraksha Khurana

Discomfort arises only when we have desires unfulfilled or have lots of expectations but once we start giving love and care to all, discomfort just vanishes.
– Madhu Khare

Many discomforts make us comfortable to face all challenges in life. After all the biggest challenge in life is to always be ahead of myself. 
-Akta Sehgal Malhotra

Whatever the souls do today, knowingly or unknowingly, they become the precious moments of tomorrow which many times helps in overcoming the doomed of life.
– Manju Lata

The first key to happiness in life is — don’t keep on thinking about the past. If we accept all challenges in life, God will shower His blessings in the form of happiness in our lives.
– Suraksha Khurana

Your seeds of actions and meaningful words towards your children would definitely be fruitful in the future.
–Suraksha Khurana

Things around me started to change when I came in contact with such positive people who were leading their life with so many difficulties and that’s also with a big smile without any complaints but ready to accept all challenges of life.
– Manju Lata

Youthful age ….full of bliss
Seems life is a miraculous stage 
Where everything seems happening in a dreamy world
But have the energy
To win the world
When utilizes the time in a proper way
Becomes the master of the age.
– Manju Lata

The only way to survive in this world is to follow the will of time by closing the previous, saddest, and darkest moments of life. Our dreams should be kept alive.
– Manju Lata

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