Meet My 5 Pawsome Adult Adopted Shelter Dogs

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Meet My 6 Pawsome Adult Adopted Shelter Dogs

If you are sceptical about adopting shelter dogs, then read my journey as a pet parent whose house is full of Adopted Shelter Dogs and their wet noses and wagging tails.

All my furry children have been adopted from different shelters in the Delhi NCR.

My life is so full of unconditional love that I get from these Adopted Shelter Dogs that I can’t imagine a single day without them.

They each have their own personality, which we have discovered over time and have become an integral part of our family. So. without much delay, I’ll introduce you to my darlings individually.

Adopted Shelter Dogs 1: Her Highness Juliet (Ariel)

When she came to me she was approximately 7 years old. Seven-year-old Juliet is a Cocker Spaniel. She was abandoned outside the Friendicoes shelter.

Post her rescue, Juliet was operated upon and had her vaginal tumour successfully removed by Friendicoes surgeons.

After her adoption, her tumour showed up once again when she came to us and was treated. Since then, it hasn’t come up.

We avoid milk and sugar in her diet at all costs since they both are tonics for cancer cells to grow. She is a thorough non-vegetarian but loves to eat juicy carrots and raw vegetables.

She is a spunky girl who is absolutely in love with my husband and tails him around the house 24×7. Juliet is a mama to all the other adopted pooches and keeps them all in discipline.

She knows she is pretty and is a real attention hogger. Scratch her head once, and you’ll be doing that for the next 1 hour. She’ll make sure of that.

You just can’t refuse those adorable eyes! She covers her eyes with her big spaniel ears to keep the light out when she lies down to sleep in her bed.

You can’t get in the car without her…. whether you are going to drop someone off or going to pick up someone… touch the car keys, and she’s ready to run out of the door to get a headstart in the car.

Adopted Shelter Dogs 2: Diehard Survivor Bonnie

Bonnie was eight years old and is part Spaniel and part chihuahua. She was abandoned in a market in East Delhi (Gazipur mandi.)

She was found on the road in the Gazipur Chicken mandi/ market, and a kind autorickshaw guy brought her to the Friendicoes Gazipur ABC centre, where she was shifted to their Delhi shelter.

She was covered with multiple mammary tumours that had already burst and was in a fragile and highly precarious condition, but miraculously she survived her surgery and began recovering.

She absolutely loved eating mutton and nothing but mutton. In very rare cases, she would eat paneer/cottage cheese. Pista burfi and ice cream were her hot favourites.

She had to be administered medicines camouflaged in Pista burfi. If we would camouflage it in the liver then she would just sniff it out and refuse to eat it.

Even though we knew that sweets and milk products were bad news for her tumour, we indulged her because we knew that these were her last few months and wanted her to live them to the fullest… eating what she liked and doing what she liked in a way she liked it.

We will never know Bonnie’s origin and history for sure, but she appears to have been bred a few times before being abandoned because of her tumors.

Just two days after her adoption, we discovered that Bonnie’s cancer had already recurred.

She was a fighter, and we were ready to fight with her. Her tumour resurfaced and took up the whole abdominal space.

Another round of surgeries followed. Her cancer had metastasised to her liver, and the vets said she had limited time.

Post her surgery, Friendicoes gave us an option of not taking her back because the tumour would resurface 100% and the medical cost would be high with certain death.

There was never any doubt in our minds, and the moment she was declared fit to travel, she was back where she belonged. In our house and in our laps, cuddled up cosily.

1 month passed happily then we saw that she was steadily gaining weight. We went for a vet inspection.

Our vets told us that her tumour had grown considerably and that we should prepare for the worst.

We had just a few days with her as she was in her last stage where euthanasia or surgery both meant certain death.

Something prompted us to dare to ask how much chance she had if she was operated on.

The reply we got was 99% death as she was too tiny and fragile and had had multiple surgeries and ONLY a 1% chance of living.

So we took that 1% chance, and a miracle happened. A part of her liver had to be cut because the tumour had attached itself to her liver.

Bonnie survived it! 7.5Kg tumour was removed from her body!

Unfortunately for her, the tumour grew back again in a month. This time it attached itself to her liver, kidney and all her vitals.

Bonnie’s lungs and heart also had become weak. So we let it be.

Up till now, Bonnie’s survival was nothing less than a miracle. We enjoyed each other’s company till her last breath. She passed away in my arms, which was her favourite cuddle spot.

She was my pesky little lady who loved nothing more than cuddling up on the couch or on our laps.

Adopted Shelter Dogs 3: Goofy Sam

He was a 4-year-old goofy labrador boy who loved to be loved. I adopted him from the posh Foundation animal shelter.

I had gone there and saw him lying in the winter sun. While all the dogs were running around and playing, he was peacefully sleeping.

When I went close to pet him, I was told that he was blind and epileptic. His owner had abandoned him.

Sam and I immediately bonded and he stayed with me for the rest of the day and I took him out for short guided walks to drink water and relieving him when he asked for it.

Shortly after that Sam came home and we immediately took him for a vet visit and grooming.

According to the vet, he reached this state since he must not have been dewormed regularly. When we dewormed him, big balls of entangled roundworms kept coming out for days!

Even with his excruciating pain, he never barked or bit us. The vet’s diagnosis was that one of the roundworms must have travelled to his brain and affected his eyesight and nervous system.

He never pooped or peed inside the house, even when he was under the influence of heavy sedatives. Whenever he had the urge to relieve himself, he would stand up and shake himself as if dusting off the dirt. That was an indication that he needed to go out.

He loved sitting in the garden and smelling the grass and soaking up winter sun while hearing the birds chirp.

Sam also loved listening to bhajans He Ram He Ram (हे राम हे राम) , and Achyutam Keshavam by Jagjit Singh so I used to play them when he was inside the room, and he would just doze off with them playing on the Bluetooth.

HE absolutely loved eating juicy red carrots and meat biscuits. Sam lived with us for two months and died peacefully in sleep due to his sickness.

Adopted Dogs 4:Vociferus Naughty Nara

She is my sweet desi indie girl who loves to go on walks, chase feral cats and catch rats. We live on the ground floor, and thanks to her, now no rat even dares to come into our home.

She is 1½ years old. I adopted her from a family who did not want her as they had to move and did not intend to take her along with them as they wanted only the purebred german shepherd dog that they had bought.

Although they had saved her life as a pup, she had repaid back that favour by donating blood to their german shepherd, who would have died otherwise.

They wanted nothing to do with her because she was an Indian pariah dog and not a pure bed, and the excuse they gave was that they were moving (which they really did) and their landlord would not allow two dogs (which sounded weird… either he allows dogs or he doesn’t).

Their basic problem was that only a purebred would be allowed inside the house, and the desi Indie dog’s place was on the streets.

So we took her in so that she didn’t have to live on the streets. We did not want her dying on the streets, so she also came home.

Nara is a very vocal dog and loves to talk nonstop. Her vocalization resembles that of a husky, and her height, colouring and build are that of a German Shephard.

Adopted Shelter Dogs 5: Retired Police Sniffer Dog (OurResident Food Inspector) Dovi

Dovi is a veteran soldier (sniffer police dog) until vision loss due to corneal opacity forced her into early retirement at just 7 years of age.

She is stone blind, but you’ll never be able to make that out since she uses her ears and nose so effectively that she doesn’t need any assistance to move around.

Once she came to Friendicoes, they found that her trachea was also narrowing, leading to a persistent, hacking cough.

After we adopted her an extensive medical examination revealed that she also had a heart problem. Thanks to my vet, Dr Shravan Kumar Gupta, we also overcame this problem with medication.

Now, Dovi has become the resident food inspector of our family and demands a cut from whatever is being eaten at any given time.

So much so that my kids have stopped eating junk food because she can hear any packages being opened, whether it is day or night, and is there to get her share! You can’t fool her ears and nose.

It will be as if she is looking directly into your eyes and beyond your soul. Once a sniffer (dog) soldier, always a soldier.

Like a typical labrador, she loves to eat and thinks that she is a little BIG pupper who can curl on our lap and sleep. You just can’t miss her wagging tail that never stops wagging at the slightest touch or even a whisper of your voice.

Adopted Shelter Dogs 6:Retired CISF Service Dog, Goldie

Last month we welcomed the fourth dog from Friendicoes. She is another retired service dog from CISF Delhi Metro Unit. Goldie had patiently waited close to 18 months in the shelter for a home.

She is such a loving personality that I wonder why people never adopted her…maybe it was because she was already 9 years old, and people don’t want to adopt senior dogs! Maybe she was destined to come into our lives. She is now 11 years old (when I adopted her) and a senior citizen.

Last month we welcomed the fourth dog from Friendicoes. She is another retired service dog from CISF Delhi Metro Unit. Goldie had patiently waited close to 18 months in the shelter for a home.

She is such a loving personality that I wonder why people never adopted her…maybe it was because she was already 9 years old, and people don’t want to adopt senior dogs! It breaks my heart knowing that despite her loving nature and sweet personality, no one had ever chosen her.

The animal shelter staff have been so kind and are doing their best to look after all the animals, but I knew she needed more than that; She needs a family and a home with people who will love and care for her.

Maybe she was destined to come into our lives. She is now 11 years old (when I adopted her) and a senior citizen. Her energy and life are contagious, and she loves to run around. My other doggos at home are all quite fond of her. We feel truly blessed to have Goldie in our lives!

It’s incredible how quickly she has adapted to the new environment. Goldie’s enthusiasm and zest for life has been contagious. At 11 years, she is the most patient and compassionate dog with Zen energy.

Goldie walked into our home and hearts and settled as if she had always been there. She is the most obedient and well-behaved of the three girls, a real foodie, and loves her treats!

Are You Ready To Adopt Shelter Dogs

Bearing some things in mind when adopting a furry friend is vital. Here are some things to keep in mind before going for Adopted Shelter Dogs:

Whenever you decide to adopt a dog from a shelter, be open to all breeds, sizes and shapes. While you might dream of a Labrador, the universe might have something else planned for you.

Trust me, all dogs are unique, and each one has the potential to be your best friend.

Be prepared to do your homework. When you adopt a dog, you must be sure you are ready for it.

Dogs require time, patience, and effort to be adequately trained. They also need plenty of exercises and a nutritious diet.

Be prepared for some initial chaos. It is normal for dogs to have a lot of energy, and they might not know how to use it in a proper way when they first come home.

Be patient and consistent with your training; soon enough, you will have a well-behaved pooch.

If you don’t have much time for playing with them or for long walks, go for a senior dog.

They are full of zen energy, filling your house with positivity, but also be prepared for regular vet visits and medical bills. Remember, they are ageing and will be having health issues too.

Be prepared to fall in love. Once you adopt a dog, they will become a part of your family, and you will love them unconditionally. Don’t hesitate to add a furry friend to your life; it will be your best decision.

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  1. That is a wonderful post on how to love your pets. We have never had a pet as everyone at my home is scared of dogs. Personally, I am over my fears but you are a champion to have taken in so many of them. I feel sad for the abandoned cows on the streets as well. I think it’s very cruel to get pets and then leave them as per your convenience.

    1. Truly said sometimes I wish I had a bigger pocket than my heart then there would be no abandoned animals on roads. I really wish I had money like Adani and Ambani then I could spend it on these souls.

  2. Loved reading this post. Each one of the angels is so beautiful and each one has a story that is so touching and also one full of grit. Bonnie really stole my heart, the little angel suffered so much but still fought on. I am sure she will be happy and free of pain in the other world.

    1. She was a fighter till the end. In the few months she spent with us i’m happy we could give her all the love she missed out in her life. Though I wish she lived on more but then I have to accept the reality too.

  3. This is so beautiful and heartwarming I love juiliet
    Dogs are a man’s best friend and oh god you have the best posts about them
    Thank you for sharing this made my day

    1. Thank you for your feedback. It would be great if you help spread the msg by sharing this article.

  4. It’s such an amazing thing that you are doing. Giving love and family to souls deserves it the most. I wanna be cute, caring and charming as your pets. I wanna be a hustler just like them. I hope your act inspires a lot and many more people do it so that many dogs can be saved and will not have to go through trauma like many do.

    1. Thank you for your feedback. It would be great if you help spread the msg by sharing this article.

  5. Applaud you for what you do! Appreciate you also making this article to show others that they have this option as well before getting a pet. It’s too expensive to have a pet here in Singapore but given a chance, my hubby and kiddos wouldn’t hesitate to do the same, I probably gone crazy on all the doggies at home they’ll bring.

    1. Trust me… they are super cool, especially the senior citizens. They have a ZEN energy that fills your home with happiness.

    1. Thank you for your feedback. It would be great if you help spread the msg by sharing this article.

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