How Not to End Your New Year

How Not to End Your New Year

How Not to End Your New Year
How Not to End Your New Year

Don’t end it on regrets.

Life is too short for regrets. So forget what has been. Concentrate on what you can do. You can if you think you can.

Don’t make promises and resolutions you can’t keep.

No point making resolutions in the heat of the moment and then feel guilty of not living up them. Preferably live each day to the fullest and let things take care of themselves. They will. Recognize the fact that you are not indispensable.

Don’t drink and drive.

Both are a rather dangerous combination. Enjoy your drive. Enjoy your drinks. But separately. Bear in mind that someone is waiting for you back home.

Don’t be alone.

Being alone should be an available matter of choice and not a habit. Chill out with friends. If you feel you don’t have friends to hang around with, then be your own best friend. Treat yourself to a holiday. Life is too short to be wasted.

Strikeout negative people from your lives.

As we move on in life, we tend to accumulate lots of people around us under the garb of friends and well wishes. Done will boost your energy levels and motivate you to go on and face the challenges.

These people will fill you with positivity, and you’ll feel like a go-getter. Don’t let them go. Hang on to them. The others will create a feeling of self-doubt and make you feel unsure of yourself.

These people will give you a thousand reasons why not to do a thing or a hundred excuses, how not to do it. Don’t hang on to them. Let them go.

Redefine your social friend list.

We feel happy that we have umpteen no of friends on social media like Facebook. But just being there and flaunting your selfies and gatherings likes is not called friendship.

Friendship is a lot more than that. It’s goofing out together, having each other’s back covered, a quiet cup of tea with no words spoken, abusing and then making up with equal intensity.

Don’t lose track of your dreams.

Make your dreams come true. Dreams dreamt with closed eyes may or may not come true, but Dreams dreamt with open Eyes will always come true. Don’t concentrate on why things can’t be done.

Work on how things can be done. Plan out what you want and work towards your goal. Surround yourself with positive people and not stuck in the muds.

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