13 Ways To Develop A More Vibrant Personality
13 Ways To Develop A More Vibrant Personality
13 Ways To Develop A More Vibrant Personality

13 Ways To Develop A More Vibrant Personality

Explore and rediscover your personality’s hidden perspectives, stimulate your senses, speed up success & reputation by following some basic steps.

We all own certain personality traits that set us aside from the rest. A mix of good and evil; these traits determine how we react to circumstances and personalities.

While the most prevalent belief is that these attributes remain rigid, researches show otherwise!

An analysis study by psychologists at the University of Illinois recommends that we can change our habits provided we desire to improve them.

13 Personality Development Tips

We can become a better version of ourselves if we need to just by taking care of one basic aspect that is our personality development.

So, if you are prepared to transform into the most wonderful version of yourself, here are some personality development tips to your aid:

1. Stop Comparing Yourself With Others

13 Ways To Develop A More Vibrant Personality
13 Ways To Develop A More Vibrant Personality

For effective Personality Development first of all, you must stop comparing yourself with others because when you do that you are unconsciously lowering your self-esteem.

This in turn shrivels your personality and restrains your strengths from blossoming. You have to first understand that you are a unique person in yourself and that there is none other like you.

In few words we can say that you are incomparable to anybody.

One mistake that everybody is guilty of is that they compare themselves with others. You don’t know the challenges that they are facing hence you don’t know what is lies behind that facade of the smile.

So when you just see the upper crust of the person through his smile you think that the person is very happy who in fact may be suffering from some or other problem.

So unbeknownst to you, you compare your happiness with him when actually that person might be sadder than you and, in the process, you land up demeaning yourself.

2. Learn To Be Kind To Yourself

13 Ways To Develop A More Vibrant Personality
13 Ways To Develop A More Vibrant Personality

We are always taught to be kind to others yet while being kind to others we forget that we also are an individual entity.

Now what happens is we try to please others and in turn we make ourselves unhappy. We are constantly judging ourselves as per the opinions cast on us by others.

How do you think you are being kind to yourself when your judgement of yourself is based on what people think of you.

Studies and researches show that self-compassion brings out positive traits in us. Those being, we are more optimistic towards life.

Not only this, we are more extrovert and we are free to talk to others without inhibition because we are willing to open a two-way communication process to absorb new ideas and enrich ourselves with wisdom that is needed.

Not only this we are happy because of the positivity that flows within us thus making us happier and a positive person who is resilient to stress and ugly situations that occur around us.

We must recognise that our SELF (being) also deserves care and concerned in much the same way like anybody else over there thus we must learn to be kind and understanding with our own selves.

It may sound a little awkward to you but we have to recognise that we also deserve care and concern like anybody else.

That is why we need to be less harsh on ourselves and recognise the fact that making mistakes and failing is a part of life.

It is not end of the matter or end of life but it is a part of life so when we commit a mistake or fail in a job or for that matter indulge in self-critical thoughts, we must recognise that we are humans too and we need to forgive ourselves sometime.

3. Imperfections Are Perfect

13 Ways To Develop A More Vibrant Personality
13 Ways To Develop A More Vibrant Personality

Ok you will see that there are many situations that may not always fit in our framework or mindset of perfection.

Often some people or would they see them their presence or the work they do can make you agitated or angry and eventually with an outburst you may end up diminishing the strength of their personality.

So even as you try to change or be a messenger of change you will have to make your peace amidst the flaws of the people around you which also includes the world, your workplace, the people that you are interacting with or maybe the members of your family.

4. Stop Overthinking and Over Analysing Situations

13 Ways To Develop A More Vibrant Personality
13 Ways To Develop A More Vibrant Personality

Try to be light in your mind as well as your heart. Overthinking and over analysing situations has never yielded happiness to anyone in the past nor is it ever going to help anybody in future too.

It will only lead to misery and negativity like experiencing shame, anger, jealousy, greed and will permanently stay in your consciousness for longer than it is needed.

So instead of holding on to negativity learn to take things easily. Forgive easily and drop grudges against people as they make mistakes.

Remember that you yourself are not perfect and that God has forgiven you so many times for so many mistakes that you have made. Then why when it comes to you forgiving others do you hold a grudge against a person for a long time.

5. Be Spontaneous

13 Ways To Develop A More Vibrant Personality
13 Ways To Develop A More Vibrant Personality

Spontaneity is is another major key to success. Spontaneity makes you fun to be around.

Remember nobody likes a person who doesn’t act or sound natural. If you sound, look, or even behave in a very unnatural manner then people will immediately understand that this is not your real self.

People are not fools and somewhere or the other your facade is going to slip and the real you will come out.

This will put you in a very awkward and embarrassing situation.

So whenever you are communicating with anybody be cent percent aware of the moment where you are, in whose company you are, and be 100% yourself.

This means if you don’t like something put it across in a very diplomatic way and if you like something put it across in a more jovial and a happy way.

Don’t try to be a hypocrite as hypocrites are very transparent and within a few moments you will contradict yourself and slip up. The moment that happens you are going to be exposed.

Once the person in front of you knows that you don’t mean what you are speaking and you are not even remotely connected to what your thoughts are or what you are trying to communicate you will lose the person in front of you.

So, remember to be spontaneous. However, while being spontaneous do not mix spontaneity with being impulsive.

Being impulsive is a totally different aspect which can later lead you to disasters while if you are spontaneous you are just going to be yourself and will be in fact avoiding any kind of future disasters.

6. Enthusiasm is Infectious And Appealing.

13 Ways To Develop A More Vibrant Personality
13 Ways To Develop A More Vibrant Personality

No one likes to be around a person who keeps on complaining and cribbing all the time. In fact people enjoy the company of individuals who are quite the opposite and are full of enthusiasm, who smile often and who love to laugh a lot.

Remember enthusiasm is appealing and will help you make good friends in life in addition to keeping you motivated.

7. Be Warm and Approachable

13 Ways To Develop A More Vibrant Personality
13 Ways To Develop A More Vibrant Personality

Everybody likes a person with whom you can easily communicate or talk. Nobody likes a person who has a permanent scowl on his face or who is not even willing to return a smile for a smile.

In fact, people who respond with a straight face and lack warmth are not the type of people anybody would like to engage with.

So, flash that beautiful smile of yours. Remember a smile costs you nothing but can help ease the pain of others and gain you many friends.

Try to smile more often and try to be friendly, be ready to share your resources with anybody who needs it without inconveniencing yourself.

8 Be Stylish and Cultivate Your Own Style

13 Ways To Develop A More Vibrant Personality
13 Ways To Develop A More Vibrant Personality

Remember you are a unique person so instead of imitating others start doing some positive things.

Start doing things with your own individual signature style which shall add more zing to your personality.

Successful people do not do different things they simply do the same things differently.

Doing things with style does not mean over doing things but it implies that you must work with a relaxed mind and with passion that is needed to do a particular thing or job.

Don’t wait for others to keep on telling you what is to be done. If you are working at something then don’t get distracted from it, in fact, put in your hundred percent and try to be as innovative as you can.

Think out of the box and do not try to imitate others while doing anything. Cultivate your own style and make that your signature stye.

9. Learn To Let Go

13 Ways To Develop A More Vibrant Personality
13 Ways To Develop A More Vibrant Personality

Not all the problems in the life are yours to handle remember that.

If you have finished your task to the last requirement then let go of your attachment with the result.

When you let go you become come free and relaxed which attributes towards building your strong personality.

Letting go does not mean to let go of your responsibilities towards the job if in case a problem arises… letting go means do not be so attached to anything that you cannot part with it later and leads you to interfere in the job of others. 

10. Face The Danger Like A Lion

13 Ways To Develop A More Vibrant Personality
13 Ways To Develop A More Vibrant Personality

Do not give in to pressure or comparison and face every challenge that is thrown your way with confidence and boys.

There are only two things that can happen- either you will come out victorious or you will learn invaluable and priceless lesson.

Either way you have not lost anything means if your job was a success then you will enjoy the benefits of it whereas even if you have faced failure that does not mean that you have failed but that implies that you have learnt a lesson from that experience.

So remember that lesson and take away something good from it so that that mistake is not repeated in future and you are a wiser person the following day.

11. Stay Calm and Harness the Power of Breath

13 Ways To Develop A More Vibrant Personality
13 Ways To Develop A More Vibrant Personality

Staying calm and composed strengthens your personality. So if you can stay calm in the most difficult of situations it will help you to meet an urgent deadline in an effective way.

Not only this, it will also reinstate the trust of your fellow colleagues in you. Staying calm in challenging situations assists you think clearly.

When faced with such situations you should harness the power of breath. Have you ever wondered how our rishi munis could live so long or do tapasya and meditations for years and conquer death?

They followed a simple trick. They conquered and harnesses the power of breath. Faster you breathe lesser the time span of your life.

When you become aware of the fact that you are getting agitated breathe Deep and breathe easy control your breath and your stress will slowly diminish making you a much calmer person.

The revelation, though, is that there is a yoga practice that will improve your longevity–and it won’t cost you any money. This practice is, quite naturally, that of the complete yogic breath.

A complete yogic breath is practiced by deep, full inhalations and long, slow exhalations. When the mind is fully centered on the breath and the nervous system is relaxed, there is less stress on the body, ensuring better digestion and elimination.

Fewer, fuller breaths serve to reduce one’s appetite and hold the emotions and feelings under control.

Rather than trap yourself in a desperate, high-energy breathing pattern, follow the slower, deeper habits of the giant tortoise* and strive to exercise five to seven breaths per minute.

When practiced over time, this habit will lead to a much longer, disease-free life. Breathe less, live longer. Try it.

*My dog takes approximately forty to fifty breaths per minute, and a giant tortoise hardly takes around four breaths per minute. An elephant roughly needs four to five breaths per minute, and while relaxing, an alligator may take only one breath per minute.

7. Learn The Art Of Communication

Be a better communicator. You have to learn to communicate your feelings to others in an effective way.

No point beating about the bush. It’s a known fact that words can create laughter and can also create enmity.

An experienced communicator can influence people and win them over in an adverse situation also.

So, bring clarity in your communication. Always bear in mind that words are mightier than the sword, so articulate your words in such a way that you don’t create enemies and win over people easily.

13.Remember That You Are A Proton

13 Ways To Develop A More Vibrant Personality
13 Ways To Develop A More Vibrant Personality

Do you know what a proton is?

Protons are found inside the atoms nucleus and it helps to bind the nucleus together.

Protons also attract the negatively charged electrons and keep them in orbit around their nucleus the amount of protons found in an atom’s nucleus determines which element it is.

Much in the same way of a proton remember that since a proton can never lose its positivity even you will not lose your positivity.

Stress (like negatively charged electrons) may affect us on the outside, but if your inner core continues to read it positively like a proton, then despite your body or your being surrounded by negativity, you will stay unaffected happy, and peaceful.

This is the most important part of personality development. Harmonize this part of yourself with the universe repeatedly with the help of meditation and thinking positively.

Remember, the above 13 points shall always help you energize yourself and bring out the positive traits like enthusiasm and positivity within you, but I can only help you so much.

The rest depends on you. Whether to be yourself or to be affected by the people around you depends upon you. Nobody can change that except for you.

You are the game-changer. So are you willing to change?

Do share your feedback with us on this. We would love to hear from you.

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